I've missed goals like that.

Could ESR or the Norgie play as a box-to-box MF like Santi did?

I'd love to see 4-1-4-1 with Saka-ESR-MO-Gabby behind the lone striker, with Partey as the DM.

Hector and KT bombing forward.

I'm sure MO and ESR could switch between no8 and no10 through out the game as required.

I loved it when we had Freddie-Cesc-Hleb-Bobby. Or AA-Cesc-TR7-Sami.

When we had Alexis-Ozi-Santi we just needed a player who was as happy as a winger as a no.10, like Bobby or Saka.

Bring back Wenger and bring back Wengerball.