When we first started playing when MA came, he was tucking inside as a DM. Now he's doing what he does best, get in to the opposition box.

And for that Saka Sheff Utd goal, it was great to see him in the box pointing at Pépé and then Mozil to say where the pass should be played.

I think that if he's getting forward again, then me might see more from Pépé. If the defenders cut off his left foot shot, they leave HB free for the overlap outside. I'd like to see those two get on the same wavelength all the time.

Hate Willian. Waste of money, just like every Chav since Georgie Graham.

Also, Auba in the middle is ace. He can still drift left for the overload as needs be. Do a Titi with Saka with LT3. Front 3 of them two and Pépé with Martinelli on the bench come next year.