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Thread: RIP Gore Tex inventor

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    Unhappy RIP Gore Tex inventor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony C View Post
    I nicked a pair of Goretex boots when I lived on my first traveller site outside Brighton in '93. More them non-stop for the next two years. Doubt I even changed socks, I don't remember ever having done the laundry. {Though I might have had it done once in India.}

    I just put scrunched up newspaper inside at night when I was living in GB {not France or India.} Kept them dry as a bone. We'd go to teknivals in winter and everyone else would be getting trench foot. Mine stayed fresh as daisies. Great invention.

    The jacket I wear now, a sort of country gent shooting jacket's got Goretex in, too. But not in the sleeves which is annoying.

    But the coat in that video doesn't look like any sort of Goretex jacket I've ever seen. Back in the day {early-mid '90s} the Goretex jackets were long, almost knee length from memory, and were really thin. No padding at all. That way in could be worn in summer to protect you from showers, but in winter, all my mates who'd nicked one would also wear a fleece (Berghaus?} underneath.

    These were the fluffy bunnies of the posse who were also good shoplifters. The rest of us dressed like crusties.

    My boots were a bit like this but green:


    They were ace. Got my foot caught in an ice cold Himalayan stream when I failed to jump across it. Not a drop got in.

    Thank you, Mr Goretx.

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