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Thread: that Amazon show

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    that Amazon show

    about them...

    I watched the first one out of curiousity. I know.

    aka The Jose Show.

    The scene where Jose is telling Harry Kane that he could make his career boom (or was it explode?) is better than any David Brent thing...

    And Levy trying to come across as a decent guy

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    Why do we have this thing about it being taboo to watch it? I see Amazon did some "funny" marketing using this angle at Finsbury Park.
    I watch lots of things about subjects that I don't "like". It's like saying we can't watch any movies about Hitler and World War 2 as otherwise we must secretly like him.

    I watched all 3 episodes as soon as they were released, I thought it was interesting. I was surprised that Pochettino was gone halfway through episode one, I was quite looking forward to see how that unravelled in real time but it was very much glossed over.

    I agree regarding Jose, its like the director was able to cast Robert De Niro halfway through filming. I know what you mean about Levy but I also see that he looks massively out of his depth running the organisation. All a little bit awkward and uncomfortable with those around him and them with him. I guess he isn't used to having a camera in his face in the same way Jose is, but if you hadn't told me he was the CEO of the club I would have assumed he was just one of the support team from watching it.

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