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Thread: Bunch of losers imo

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    Bunch of losers imo

    Always will be.

    Canít even do our part.

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    It's been a terrible season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Vegas View Post
    Always will be.

    Can’t even do our part.
    Bunch of cheats imo.
    "Plenty of strikers can score goals," he said, gesturing to the famous old stands casting shadows around us.

    "But a lot have found it difficult wearing the number 9 shirt for The Arsenal."

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    Quote Originally Posted by redgunamo View Post
    Bunch of cheats imo.
    Yup. US Postal all over again.

    Peak Fergie Utd were Sampras. I hated them and their dominance but they did it fairly.

    This lot are Armstrong.

    It would be karma if Pep drives home this summer and dies of a drug-induced heart attack going up the Col du Tourmalet.

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