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Not even any cricket on this weekend (sorry GG - I'm going to pretend Australia v India isn't happening on Sunday.
Yup. I know what you mean. And the glw's in India. Obviously I'll follow the score and will pray that India beat the Convicts but I won't actually watch a slog-match. Yeah, I'd watch it if I was with mates in India, or the corner shop here had the game on {like Karla and Guresh in Brixton for the 2011??? Ind-SL final I watched with them, 2 other customers, one black, one Irish, and their grandson.}

I can watch top quality rugby, but not an ODI. Now if it was the last day of an Ind-Aus test with the series on the line, that would be a different matter.

The drugs have gone **** atm. Was thinking of the lack of footie this weekend, and started thinking of The Cure's Grinding Halt.

No sport.
No missus.
No drugs.
No missus.

At least Puddles has some unopened catnip Rats.