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Thread: Great goal from Nelson against Bournemouth

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    Great goal from Nelson against Bournemouth

    but he really is very very sh1t.

    Lost count of the poor touches and sloppy passes.

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    We’re into extra time. We’ve been absolutely atrocious and we don’t even deserve that. The line up showed zero respect to how the first leg went. Arteta needs the team talks of all team talks now. Vieira has been terrible.

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    My prediction…

    Ramsdale scores the winning penalty.

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    The ref played on Oodegard vs 4 defenders loooooooooooool

    Dude he’s not Maradona ffs

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    Well that was shi te.

    No excuses now in the league…Brighton even softened palace up for us.

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    I wouldn't slaughter Nelson for tonight. Get him against a packed Brexit defence camped 10 yards from their keeper and he'll force his way through them. Tonight, against a high disciplined, technical team who could keep the ball was a different matter. These boys proved they were no mugs. With it a home game and Palace at home next the thinking should have been full team and put these boys to bed within 60 minutes and then rest players. A lunatic line up cost us here. Why was vieira starting? he had his chance in the first leg, back at his home country. He didn't do anything. It worked out well enough though with Odin sick for that game anyway. He got rested. to not start him here was madness.
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    Just to be super picky. In my life time, since watching Arsenal penaltly shoot outs since the 90's. That's the least convincing penalty shoot out attempted stops i've seen.
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    We actually played so poorly tonight I remember thinking during injury team after the 90 mins that we shouldn't put the corner in, but hold on to the ball in the corner to make sure we got into extra time at least. That's how feeble we looked.
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