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Unless we sell I see no reason to actually buy anybody. I don't see where Rice fits in when we have Partey, Jorginho, Elneny and a few wonder kids that need game time in that position. Far more improtant for me is tying down Saliba and Saka to new contracts. Both are at least the best young players for their positions. I'd say they're a hell of a lot better than that. As far as I'm concerned only Vinicious Jr is close to Saka in World football on the flank. Both these players have at least 10 years at the top to play yet while still improving. That's scary potential. They simply must be signed long term at all costs.

Unfortunately Tierney could leave who would need replaced. Far too good not to be starting. Although I feel the Polish chap was already signed to cover that position in advance of Tierney leaving.

You have to feel a bit for young Eddie. Did a good job covering with Jesus out but now will struggle to make the bench. Trossard down the middle has completely unlocked Martineli. So him and Jesus are now first and second choice down the middle the way i see it. Martineli and Eddie in the same team was good but not at this current level. Too similar. Both are at their best attacking space. They're not really there to link it up. With Balogun putting down a serious marker in France, matching Mbappe stride for stride no less that's going to put real pressure on Eddie next season. One will have to leave you'd think. Ideally you'd get Balogun signed to a longer contract and then loaned to a prem team and see what he can do. You'd easily get 5m for a loan fee next year too. Balogun looks more versatile too. Would be a good dribbler on the flanks. A big risk selling him on when he could well explode into another World level talent. He's shown a glimpse of it already.
If din had put away those two basically tap-ins Eddie put on a plate for him, the blip wouldn't have happened and everyone would be raving that we had a bigger lead than when Jesus got injured {as opposed to just the same.}

Youngsters playing 90 min every week will have the odd blip. Yes, Gabby M seemed to have one before Eddie got injured and Trossard has got him better.

But Saka was great then and looks a little weaker now.

Basically, if our forward plays over on the left, then it helps Gabby. If central/right it helps Saka.

Eddie has been doing the link up, learning the assists from wing {his most recent as well as those din fcked up} and has a magic box striker ability no-one else in our side has. {cf Man Utd winner - Times journo replied to me saying he reminds him of Gerd Muller, though not as good, obv.}

If Eddie's fit, he's in the squad. Ditto Trossard, ESR, Fabio, RN. All have something to offer. And if that means we have fewer defenders on the bench then so be it. Tommy can rover RB/RCH and KT could play LCH in a back 4, I reckon. He's played it in a back 3, and that's what we are when Zinny's doing his Ukrainian libero sht.