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Thread: 9 seconds

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    9 seconds

    Like a rookie with no viagra

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    Donít like rotating players for this. Save that **** for the UEFA cup

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    Amen for Ramsdale.

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    Bad time to bring ESR on. Not sure heís even fit enough to play 45 mins yet. Weíre in big trouble here.

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    A shambles at the back. Weíre lucky they didnít score more.

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    I’d have given that hand ball as a penalty.

    I’m sorry but the ball was up in the air for so long and he had a proper look at it but still let it drop into his bicep.


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    Oh lord….awful joke this game.

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    Of all games to throw away the league

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    Overpower this lot now…

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    Vieira has been dreadful. Iíve no idea why he started such a crucial game

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