Someone posted that they doubted Eddie would be able to stand in for Jesus and was glad to be proved wrong.

I said I always had faith cos Eddie's Hale End.

HW replied:

"He's such a different finisher to many around today. Showing my age but there's something of the Gerd Muller finisher about him. Obviously not that level but just that awareness and quickness in the six-yard box."

Anyone ever watch the Kraut? Is HW right?

When the resurrection happens, we need to find a way to play both as a plan B if chasing a winner late on.

Saka to RB, Jesus to RW, Eddie CF?

Jesus cutting in from the flank diagonally with that amazing dribble with Saka overlapping one way and Eddie on the last defenders shoulder in the middle?

{I also like the idea of ESR for Zinny so GX could drop back next to TP5. Or maybe just a straight swap for GX.}

Anyway, what was Muller like? Is Eddie Muller-Lite? Or could Eddie {Hale} end up better than him?