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Thread: The Polish Centre half….

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    He doesn't mind getting his shorts dirty at least

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony C View Post
    Watched one minute of the YouTubes and gave up.

    It’s just him making tackles and throwing himself about.

    Think I’ll wait and see him live.
    "Plenty of strikers can score goals," he said, gesturing to the famous old stands casting shadows around us.

    "But a lot have found it difficult wearing the number 9 shirt for The Arsenal."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal Alcoholic Review View Post
    Seems an odd one although Aretta likes a ball playing left footed cb. Looks to have a decent long pass on him but don't really see the point this season unless he can do a job as cover for Partey. Could be a long term replacement at LB for Tierney too. I'd imagine this will be his last year at the Arsenal. Far too good a player to be second choice but doesn't seem to be able to play the sneaky wing back role where they become an extra ball playing midfielder that's all the range with Arteta ball.

    I suppose this confirms the demise of Cedric. Despite being hated by most of our shiiit fans I never had a problem with him. Came in to give us good cover and did exactly what it said on the tin.
    They say he can also play LB and DM.

    So as well as covering Gabby 1, he'd also cover for Zinny in the inverted FB sitting next to TP5 role. {So our 2nd choice FBs can also play CH. That's quite helpful.}

    I reckon KT3 will leave now. He's too good to be sitting on the bench.

    {TBH, given KT can play CH, I don't know why we didn't give him a chance as Gabby's cover in the cup games. Or why he's not able to play LB the way MA wants with Zinny. He was also used to come on for Gabby 2 when we wanted to shut up shop.}

    I'd hope we'd get more for KT than we're spending on the young Pole, in which case our net spend this window would be 20m or less. So we should still be able to spend big in the summer.

    But it seems sad that we were all so happy with KT. Thought he'd be our LB for ages. {I thought last season's back 4 with KT and Tommy was gonna stay together for a long time and thought it was our best back four in years.}

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    He has landed at London Luton.

    **** me…hopefully he doesn’t change his mind

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    Contracts all completed with Spezia.

    Will do his medical today, watch the game tomorrow with his family and Edu and they’ll announce it.

    First game will depend on when his work permit arrives

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    Here’s his girlfriend….

    Germany’s 2017 Queen Twerker o:

    And here’s one of her performances (Kleenex required)

    These polish girls out there proper wilding!

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