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Thread: Trossard incoming

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    Right. **** them all!

    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal Alcoholic Review View Post
    Fcuk all the cnuts. Trossard's few touches at the end were worth at least 5m of his fee already.
    "Plenty of strikers can score goals," he said, gesturing to the famous old stands casting shadows around us.

    "But a lot have found it difficult wearing the number 9 shirt for The Arsenal."

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    Quote Originally Posted by redgunamo View Post
    Right. **** them all!
    Indeed Fcuk them all in the ear, as Berni would say..

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    Worst case scenario we get pipped in the league by an oil/Arab club. Even so. It's possible we could have a scenario where we rest the big boys and play the first teamers in the UEFA cup late stages. We're in the CL worst case, if we fcuk the league we can go all out for the UEFA cup. At the start of the season i'd have been happy with the UEFA cup.
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