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Thread: Trossard incoming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal Alcoholic Review View Post
    I'm liking this signing. We critically needed a body to cover us up top and Trossard will certainly give us that and is able to hit the ground running knowing the league well. As things were going and the way we play it was only a matter of time before one of Saka,Eddie or Martineli broke down with injury. It's simply not sustainable to play our constant pressing game all season with no rotation and not pick up big injuries.

    Looking at it from a 'moneyball' perspective this looks an excellent signing. Brighton will know all about that being one of the World's most succesful moneyball style teams. Let's just look at his league stats. Scored 7 in 16 this season. That's as good as our top scorers. His overall record scoring in the prem is 25 in 116 which would include his first couple of years bedding in. Even with that that's still a 1 in 5 record. That's exactly what we need. Even if he can score us 5 goals for the rest of the season while offering us quality cover that could well be enough to win the league.

    After doing the obligatory youtube scouting with an incoming player one thing is clear. This boy is a clinical finisher and has a weapon we'll need against the low block teams like Newcastle. He has brillant agility and is able to make space out of nothing to get his shot off. Another key note to take from those highlight goals is that half of them came against the big teams, Us, Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool twice. That's a hell of a lot better than being worth £100m due to scoring two against Celtic.

    Yes I think this looks a very shrewd signing. You might get some detractors crying that he's 28. Who gives a fcuk about that. We're going for the league now and he's in his prime. I don't care if his legs go next season as long as he produces right here, right now.
    I have to admit, I wasn't happy that he's 28, but if it's only £20m, fine. That gives us another couple of seasons to find our big money new winger and won't dent the cash for the young, long term TP5 replacement in the summer.

    I'm just not sure about signing someone whose name sounds like Tøsser.

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    Deal done ITK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Vegas View Post
    Deal done ITK
    The Orn and Fabrizio concur

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSRB View Post
    The Orn and Fabrizio concur
    almost 5 times what Martinelli cost

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    13 goals and 3 assists against the Big Six. For under £30m we're getting a right bargin.
    Feck Cultural Marxist BLM

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    I will place a bet on him to emulate Freddie when he scored on his debut vs United at Highbury.

    What was the final score? 3-1 or 3 nil?

    Need to read the fine print too…I believe if he stays on the bench the bet is void but need to double check this.

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    Ah it was 3-0 to us.


    Freddie Ljungberg
    Ljungberg joined Arsenal in 1998 and introduced himself to the Gunners fans by scoring in a 3-0 win over Manchester United on his debut.

    That proved to be his only goal in his debut season, but the former Sweden international went on to win three FA Cups and two Premier League titles during his nine years in north London.


    Well here’s hoping Trossard gets a few more this season.

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    Did Freddy only score one that season…lol didn’t seem like that.

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    Speaking about the oldies…

    Marc Overmars

    Apparently his heart attack was so bad a significant portion of his heart is now dead.

    I don’t even think Kanu can help here.

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    Young sports ball men's heart have been giving out the last year for some mysterious reason.
    Feck Cultural Marxist BLM

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