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Thread: Good game this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony C View Post
    The world is ending when a Chinaman out jumps an Africa.

    Lord he went right over the top of him Aussie rules style.

    It’s not good that they’ve evolved to do this now.
    Kudus for Ghana though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis Anaconda View Post
    Seriously I try to do some work and suddenly the goals start going in. Partey's coming home though
    I do feel for for the virtue-signalling not watching this world cup types.....another cracking match!!!

    Tenner says they all are secretly watching though.....Wubben-Moy, I'm looking at you

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    3-2 Ghana

    Serves then right for not playing Tommy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis Anaconda View Post
    Kudus for Ghana though
    Naive defending from the Africans, not one defender at the back post within 10ft of Son at that corner. Got away with it

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