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Thread: Palace away to start

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    Palace away to start

    Have to say though, our 1st 9 games are all winnable, we won't but we could. Palace away is probably the hardest

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    That's probbaly the worst fixture to start with. Vieira dragged Arteta kicking and screaming to the potting shed last season, twice. And you don't even get the prestige of getting battered by a big team.
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    Palace 9-4 odds

    Tempting…Vieira will have the players and fans at boiling point for this one.

    Bissouma would’ve been perfect here.

    They run of games…spurs away, Liverpool home, Leeds away, City home and Southampton away could end Discount Pep.

    Sad thing is…most likely replacement will be Southgate.

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    You can't be serious?! There is no way in hell we'll employ waistcoat Gareth.

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