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Thread: I'm absolutely tired of the gimps all over the internet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal Alcoholic Review View Post
    Arteta chose to dump out Gwen and Torreira and replace them with Sambi who let's be honest, has done nothing this season.

    Likewise shifting out all our wing back cover and replacing them with a donkey in Tavares. These decisions are all on Edu and Arteta.
    You want list these international wingbacks for me that were shipped out that are clearly better than Tavares or Cedric?

    Gwendoozi was a cancer in the team, as he was in his team before us, that's why he was cheap. Torreira I have more sympathy for as he would have been better than Elneny in that spot.

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    I think one problem is that we’ve had assets to sell and completely blown it.

    Even accounting for the “pandemic” tax.

    That German club just made £20m+ off us…They get Mavropanos for £2m and now going to sell him lol

    Same with…Ramsey, Gwen, Chambers, Aboomerang, Lacazette, Eddie.

    I’m sorry but I remember when we turned down £20m+ bids for Chamber.

    Pepe will be the same. Don’t see anyone paying a dime over £15m for him. And that’s being generous. I’d go 12 max.

    Shameful mismanagement.

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