I think that we need to remember the following.

1. It's only ESR's injury that allowed Gabby M to become a regular starter. The previous Boxing Day, we beat the Chavs 3-1. ESR was the main change, but Gabby played really well. We sign Odin, which is great, but the stop giving Gabby a chance. Wasted a year. Now at least MA realises than any 3 from Odin, Gabby, Saka and ESR are what we want.

2. And it's the luck of Auba getting dropped that allowed us to play Laca. This is what he does best, dropping deep as a lone no.9. But he needs the 3 theoretically behind him all to be able to create and score which he has for the first time in his career. No Iwobi, Mhikki, Willian, Pepe or even Auba out wide just waiting on the last shoulder.

3. Our good run also coincided with Xhaka coming back and playing the best he has for us, making TP5 do likewise and them developing a decent MF pairing.

Yet we get rid of AMN who would be good cover in MF. We play Patino who will hopefully have a future but in an Odin role. That was a problem against MF as Sambi was alone with Patino and Odin playing in the same spaces.

Eddie's scored some great goals, but he can't drop deep like Laca, nor use his strength to fight for the ball outside the oppo's box and play it short to one of our creatives.

So our next striker needs to be like Laca, hopefully a better finisher with a bit more pace.

But it seems he wants an Auba type. We need a new, improved, younger Laca and a GX replacement who's like Partey. Sits deeper and can destroy and create. I just worry he'll fück it up again.