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Thread: Well that was an exhilarating first half

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    Well that was an exhilarating first half

    I know i'm reapeating myself but this team just doesn't work without a hold up man playing with his back to goal linking up the 3 behind and the wingbacks. Hence I think those rumours that we're looking to spend big on a proper old school forward are probably true.

    Now young Edward might yet score a couple tonight but it won't change the fact that he can't play that role he's in tonight.

    Also I liked Arteta setting an example by subbing the left back for looking utter shiite with 30 mins gone.
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    Shocking display.

    Cedric was out of his depth
    Cheap goal to concede
    Nothing in midfield
    Abysmal in attack
    No plan or tactics
    Passing was dire
    No one seemed capable of controlling the ball
    90 minutes on the clock and there knocking the ball around back line
    Zero shots on target

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    Shades of the Sheff Utd game where they played with 10 men and Jags in nets.

    I don't want to shiit on Arteta when he has the team playing well in the league but it's curious trying to work out how **** our midfield depth is when loaned out Torriea and Gwen are looking top level, as they did while here I might add. Lokonga looks an alright young player but even Gwen, he was a serious starter here with a team chanlleging for the top 4 while basically still a teen. Just saying like.
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    Eddie too concerned with poaching a goal to improve his next contract.
    Couldnt care less about linking play or getting into spaces opened up by Odegaard.

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