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Good lord. GG, honestly mate.

Wenger's obsession with endless no. 10s post a thrashing by Barca was the beginning of the end for him. He, and we, never really recovered from that obsession. The problem with too many no.10s is that you end up with no width, endless possession oriented passing and a midfield that isn't interested in its defensive responsibilities.

And no one is ever a victim of their versatility. They get a reputation for being versatile because they get played in so many positions without ever being really good at any of them. That's AMN, that is.
Give GX is out, and you and I want MO to play in front of TP in the MF2, who would you rather comes in?

Pépé, with ESR moving to 10?

Or Santi/Nasri/Cesc/TR7 at 10, with ESR still wide. {Or AA23 wide with ESR at 10.}

Given how we played with the Spuds, wouldn't you rather we had an extra no.10 option, to go with proper wingers like Coni Pépé and Gabby M?

GG {him, not me} felt you could never have too many CHs. AW thought you could never have two many no.10s.

Ideally we'd want more people like Saka, Bobby P, AA23 who can play wide or as a 10. One more of those would be perfect. As would another Santi/TR7 who could play 10 or 8.

It worked against Barca when we had JW, Cesc, Nasri and AA23. Look at that goal. Bendter plays a short pass on the edge of our box that takes out 3 dagos. Then the 4 no.10s pass to each other and the balls in the back of their net.

When MA played with no no.10, we were bad. When both ESR and MO play, we look much better.