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Thread: So 3-1 in the NLD, but where’s our identity, where’s our style?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis Anaconda View Post
    Quite rightfully so - looks a hell of a player
    From the tens of minutes of Tommy's pre Arsenal career i've watched on youtube plus what he's done so far I get the feeling he's better than Ben White in both the RB and CB positions. This isn't a knock on White. Tommy just looks that good.
    Feck Cultural Marxist BLM

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    The broship with Ramsdale too

    But now that the dust has settled -

    It was only Tottenham..we’ve beaten them before then promptly lost rendering the result meaningless…need to keep winning.

    But pleasing to see the continued game by game improvement through Norwich, Burnley and Spurs.

    Brighton will be hard work…they scamper about and leave it all on the pitch…so a nice test for this current team. Maupay vs White will be a fiesty contest imo

    I contest anyone saying Xhaka had a good or better game for us.

    Man was giving the ball away before the first goal went in and was almost cost us when Ramsdale fired a beaut of a pass into him and he was daydreaming. Clumsily tried to foul his way out of it and got away with things.

    Just because we scored doesn’t excuse his continued mediocrity.

    But hopefully Ramsdale and his back4 have a word with him about this in training this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal Alcoholic Review View Post
    The Jap is the new fan favourite.
    Proof it bt voting for him on Friday - poll open at 1500

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