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Thread: I think I might delete twitter

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    I think I might delete twitter

    I can not believe what I read on there.

    From a football side it seems to be full of wannabe football journalists who kiss Arsenal's and Arteta's asses constantly. (That's right asses)
    I prefer the good old ITK days at least that was slightly more interesting.

    From Covid side of things I've never seen so many hysterical betwetters in my life. LOCKDOWN NOW!
    It's one exteme to another nothing in the middle.

    Then everything else is Brexit's fault.

    Then if any sort of police presence is seen anywhere you get these types (Lot's of police on London bridge praying everyone is ok) give it a rest.

    I recall last year there was something weird a a hotel in Glasgow and I saw some idiot on their saying 'Today is a day we'll never forget in Scotland' before they even knew what was going on.

    On a side note there is also a massive shortage of Lorry drivers in Italy which I saw on their news. I don't think that's Brexit?

    I made the mistake of looking at twitter briefly this morning and it's completely ruined my day.

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    Did this ages ago…pretty easy to do.

    You can use a program / app to delete all your tweets too for good measure.

    I’ve got a silly fake account just for checking the Arsenal line up but not sure that’s worth doing any more as Discount Pep just annoys me with that.

    I think the final straw for me was Twitter always notifying me about anti trump stuff.

    I’ve got no idea how their algorithm picked me out for that but it was all this weird stuff like he needs the death sentence for staging a coup.


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