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Thread: Unfreedom Day

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    What idiots are taking this *******s serious anymore?
    Feck Cultural Marxist BLM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal Alcoholic Review View Post

    What idiots are taking this *******s serious anymore?
    What worries me is that they consider this to be ‘News’
    These ****-thick journalists have no idea how this ‘vaccine’ they are pushing actually works. It does not and never did offer immunity, it is a gene sequencing ‘cheat code’ that helps prevent infected host cells being duplicated to propagate the virus.
    Assuming the ‘vaccine’ doesn’t kill you, which is a very small but also very real possibility, you can still be infected, you can still get ill (though usually not as bad), you can still infect others and you can still die (unlikely). You only gain lifelong proper immunity when becoming infected and beating the virus, initially with antibodies and then are protected by t-cells long after the antibodies have been disposed off. This also led to numerous non-News headlines of ‘antibodies only present for 3 months after infection’ etc. The way the media doesn’t bother with basic beginner level science or any kind of research before basically bull****ting the population should be ridiculed at every opportunity.

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