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Thread: This Hibs game…was looking forward to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjlincs View Post
    No idea if he's up to much as a keeper, but that's one hell of a roundhouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WES View Post
    I think what's important to GG, Marv, is to endless find something to moan about because Wenger is no longer our manager.

    And yes, pathetic is a good word to use. Sadly, he's not alone
    Spot on, Wes.

    I love Arsène and I hate Willian.

    Arsène spent £20m on Lucas Perez, quickly realised he was a donkey and gave up on him even though he scored a CL har-trick away from home.

    Arteta keeps playing Willian even though everyone knows he's a donkey, when he could have been playing Pépe, RN or ESR more.

    A mananger needs to be able to admit he was wrong.

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