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No doubt he was very good. A tremendous striker of the ball, but your last point is key. Other than banging them in what else did he offer that the truly best strikers do? Thierry could assist, dribble, run at pace, operate on the wing, operate up front on his own. Shearer can't do half of that. Good striker for sure. Top 10 no doubt, greatest of all time never! Rooney gets the same level of over generous praise as well.
Shearer was brilliant, second only to Thierry in the Prem. The GOAT striker of English football is Greaves, that one isn't even up for debate tbh. Rooney can **** right off, his WC finals goals pathetic return alone means he doesn't get the praise that Utd fans prob think he deserves. Tbh I'm not sure all of them rate him that highly anyway.