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Thread: Mentally the team aren't there after the sudden death of Claude

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    Mentally the team aren't there after the sudden death of Claude

    This has defeat written all over it.
    Feck Cultural Marxist BLM

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    There was a moment yesterday in the 1st half where Milner started a move on the left wing and a couple of passes later he was between both of their centre halves collecting the ball and then taking his time to lob one right over us to Trent who was racing in behind.

    Meanwhile Auba, Pepe, Cellabos did nothing and Partey, Odegard and Laca ran into constant brick walls.

    ESR and Saka are massive to this the moment Xhaka too. Would rather someone else for Partey but nothing we can do right now.

    Martinelli up front would offer more but Arteta doesn’t seem to fancy him right now.

    Hopefully a couple more defeats and we can give up on the league.

    Kind enough draw in the EL but I don’t trust this team...will need 4 nearly perfect games from them to get to the final.

    PS...what was up with the ref’s hair? Looked like he tried to cut himself, messed up so just got the Gillette out and shaved the sides and back off.

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