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Thread: The FA Chairman has been hung out to dry

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    The FA Chairman has been hung out to dry

    When I turned on the news and they introduced the clip warning in grave tones about what we were about to hear I thought he was going to drop the "N-word bomb". Instead he said "coloured". When the MP on the scrutiny committee pointed it out he "profusely apologised" for any offence he had caused, and explained he was trying to get to grips with the recent trend the term "people of colour". He was giving evidence about the abuse high profile footballers from those communities receive.

    Was it really not good enough to just leave it there? Is it not possible to distinguish between people who racially abuse maliciously from those who are well-intentioned but may need a little more help and education to get it seamlessly right every time?

    Worst thing is that because of this they will extend the kneeling thing before kick-off for another two years at least.
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    I presume that Tyrone Mings will also be forced out of the game and endless hounded by the MSM for innocently using the slavery related phrase 'fair crack of the whip' as part of a plea for equal treatment....

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    Unfortunately the twitter kangaroo court had already passed judgement.

    Had to go...

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