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Thread: Wenger In. AFTV out.

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    Wenger In. AFTV out.

    You don't now what you've got 'till it's gone....

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    I doubt anybody normal could actually give a fcuk anymore with having to watch multi millionare cultural marxist wnakstains disgracing their core supporter and taking a knee every single game and pretending their going through racism in England. There is literally zero players in the entire 4 leagues that have actually taken a stand against this embarrassing nonsense. Fcuk all backbone from all of them. Let's be honest, if some multimillionaire cnut came into your bar and tried to humiliate you by taken the knee in front of you you'd beat him up and down the bar. Yet we're supposed to respect these wŁnkers? Balls to that.
    Feck Cultural Marxist BLM

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