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Thread: Final call...Trump Train to Winsville is about to depart

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    Feck Cultural Marxist BLM

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    You know...Trump has a chance of pulling this off.

    It’s Arcangues winning the Breeders’ Cup Classic slim (you can YouTube that) but:

    - that’s only because he needs to overturn several states...if it was 1 or 2 then okay but he needs like 4 maybe 5 big ones.
    - legit evidence is mounting

    I think Pennsylvania at this point in time has the best chance of will require the Supreme Court...70+ sworn affidavits confirming over 450,000 votes were counted illegally and those numbers are growing.

    It’s not proper fraud...just a clear violation of the required voting protocols when counting...mainly not having a Republican observer present.

    Considering the voting regulations in place there’s a very decent chance the Supreme Court will ask for these votes to be discarded.

    Same stuff and much more dangerous ‘mistakes’ are being discovered in Arizona, Michigan and Georgia which will need to be investigated and evidence obtained for the SC to overturn.

    The scary one is in Michigan...supposedly in the main counting office they were closing for the night but asked 3 counters to remain as some more votes were coming in and needed to be counted.

    At 4.30am that night, several vans with out of state license plates showed up and dumped ‘tens of thousands’ of Biden only votes on the table.

    From what I know they have a sworn statement from one of the counters who was asked to stay.

    Will be interesting to see how this all pans won’t be good for the Americans.

    Biden has declared victory and the media has flooded every channel with the news...if there’s a legit case and Trump wins the narrative will be he’s an evil dictator and rigged / stole the election...which is far from the truth.

    I think at the very least all of these irregularities need to be reviewed and if the SC says there’s no case and Biden still wins then so be it but I think Rudy et al will go all out with their case.

    Ps...I’m told up until a few days ago if you asked Siri how old the President it gave you Kamala’s I guess even they know what the plan for Biden is.

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