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Thread: How the f*ck is this place still going?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    I didn't consider anything so vulgar as fuel efficiency.
    one only considers this when they are personally shovelling a small fortune into it every week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monty92 View Post
    That's my news - what's yours?
    First they took my freedom.
    Then they took my job.
    Then they took my dignity.

    And the other week the mayor threatened to take away the damned fresh air as well.

    On the plus side I got a free six month MOT thanks to the lockdown so the trusty old steed, Shadowfax, got to stay out of the dog food factory. 16 years old now. And it still plays gramophone records.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir C View Post
    shít sh1t schit
    Gotcha C. That's all I ever buy. Apart from my 1.9 GTI and my MR2 Turbo
    'Seems that I was busy doing something close to nothing
    But different than the day before'

    'Met a dwarf that was no good, dressed like Little Red Riding Hood'

    'Now you're unemployed, all non-void
    Walkin' round like you're Pretty Boy Floyd'

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    Company where I work shut for 2 days
    Seriously thinking of announcing i have the heebeejeebees to get some time off.I'm a grandfather now you know.

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