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Thread: Still, I'm not surprised

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    The Homo-virus set in long before that, imo, in the most virulent form anyone's noticed, to date. Basically, you'se chaps nowadays is all poofs; nothing to do with China.

    Although, in fairness, The Lancet is full of ****.

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    what with an increasing number of 'women' having cock and balls, and all that
    "Plenty of strikers can score goals," he said, gesturing to the famous old stands casting shadows around us.

    "But a lot have found it difficult wearing the number 9 shirt for The Arsenal."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    Only if we start with the f˙cking chinks. And the Allans.
    Spot on, B. Asia should be Vedic-only. We should turn the area between the Tibetan Plateau and the South China Sea into a wasteland.

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