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Thread: C, you promised to tell me today if you really are collecting the 4 horses of the

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ganpati's Goonerz--AFC's Aboriginal Fertility Cult View Post
    This world of pub is wicked.
    Glad you liked it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis Anaconda View Post
    Glad you liked it
    They really have got the look of a Cockney pub with two barmen and the regular talking together.

    Btw, in the first episode the police sniper shoots two innocent people. A bit like in 4 Lions during the marathon.

    Genuine question. Do they ever use that trope in US telly and film comedies?

    What I'm sort of asking is if the Yanks can't make jokes about police shooting innocent people because it actually happens. It probably wouldn't be funny to viewers seeing police shoot innocent blacks. But do they ever do it even with white victims? I don't really watch US films or tv but I did as a kid and I never remember that being done, despite it being quite common in GB comedy.

    I know this is a stupid question, but I'm just trying to work something out.

    btw, which of the barmen is Crowley? The fat, slow one or the other one.

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