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Thread: They're not going to sack him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash View Post
    Depends what 'getting Brexit done' means, and what a voter might want from it. If you're a fisherman who thinks the MayBoris deal is no good for them, or someone who believes that we should invest nationally in high-tech manufacturing, then the Tory deal is not as attractive as a Brexit Party WTO deal where we are really free to choose our direction.
    Yes, granted. But the Brexit Party WTO dal isn't relevant to anyone because they aren't going to win a majority.

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    Best scenario for Leicester is 3 points and Unai still in a job...

    No 4 or 5 nil win here

    More like a feisty 2-2 with Vardy scoring a late pen for 3-2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokster View Post
    I can never work out how voting for whichever party fits in with your beliefs can cause some people to say it is a wasted vote.
    Unless you live in a marginal with a majority of one, every vote is wasted.

    Also, every spoilt ballot paper has to be shown to every single candidate to see if they disagree. So if you write rude things on it, you can abuse them from the ballot box.

    One ballot paper last time just had cünt written next to every name, except the Lab candidate's which had not a cünt written next to it.

    Fair play to the Tories and other parties, all agreed that this should count as a vote for the Lab candidate and this was obviously what the voter wished to convey, even if he'd somehow misunderstood the 'put your cross in just one box' bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir C View Post
    Yes, granted. But the Brexit Party WTO dal isn't relevant to anyone because they aren't going to win a majority.
    They might not need to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokster View Post
    No, because this is a GE not a ref', so why vote for the tory party if you believe that the other policy's they have go against everything you believe in. And unless I have missed something, the LIB DEMS have said they will cancel it, the Labour party have said a second people vote is they way to go.
    Except of course that the "other policies" that the Tories are campaigning on include massive increases in public spending (popular with traditional Labour voters) while Labour are pledging to not only reverse Brexit but to keep freedom of movement (massively unpopular with traditional Labour voters).

    So your assumption that former Labour and now Brexit Party voters would sooner return to Labour than vote Tory is not necessarily correct. For many of these people, the Tories now better represent them than the metropolitan liberal elite-dominated Labour.

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