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Yes….I got Evens on the Invincibles with 16 to get off 10 balls.

First time I’ve bet on women’s cricket so I didn’t know if that was a difficult target or not but assumed that in men’s game it’s pretty much game set match so backed them.

I’m a little worried though - the boundaries were pretty far in. Is that going to be the same for the men? Not sure I want to bet if every ball is a 6 or 4.

I still think spinners will be key and looking forward to seeing Sunil Narine and Sandeep Lamichaniee bowling in tandem for the Invincibles. I think them two have the potential to put the breaks on any innings.
Narine was good yesterday. Odd thing about the Oval being picked for the first two games is the boundaries are bigger than most - saw they were brought in on one side for the women's game but they were playing on the edge of the square