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Thread: A bit of a poll / open discussion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TobysOats View Post
    I've just happened on this thread after five years of swearing off AWIMB. I appreciate the opportunity to comment. I was a regular poster before, but the reason I left was the racial abuse evident especially during the 2012 World Cup. Whenever an Asian referee or a high-profile Asian player was in the news, I dreaded coming onto the forums, because I knew there would be reprehensible postings all over the place. "He's got slitty eyes, no wonder he couldn't see the play," being just one of the comments. It's normal to see such childishness on any board, but there were several comments of a similar nature coming from your *moderator* at the time (hint: Kansas City), who has since feigned innocence like the coward he is. I said, "No thank you" and scarpered off. If you look at the recent furor during the baseball World Series, you'll see that such language has no place in the sporting world any more. Good riddance. Sorry, Chris+, as I know you are not responsible and can't control everything that goes on here. I hope the board returns to its former glory, and wish you the best.
    Are you sure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Vegas View Post
    Are you sure?
    I’m trying to wok out who this is, tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burney View Post
    I’m trying to wok out who this is, tbh.
    Might be the lad formerly known as Seasider...did not see eye to eye with Chief at all back then

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    Emailing the ones that didn't make the transition is a good idea.

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    If you type into the browser it doesn't take you to the board.

    You need to type to get here. Might help with numbers if this was fixed.

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    Can we have a "like" button please as in Facebook. I see many posts I would like to show an appreciation of without making a response

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