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Thread: I'm just going to leave this here without further comment #jorgeknows #jkb

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    Roll eyes

    Everyone knows, and has known, about Kondogbia for yonks.

    What are you gonna tell us next, craft beer is in? Beards are cool? Pulled pork for lunch?

    Come on j, up your game

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    he's off to spraypaint swastikis around various cottaging sites innit

    IUFG knows . . .

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    I haven't scrolled down, but I was sure that subject had come up already, about the

    godlike magnificence of anyone we're linked in, but don't sign and then ends up having a stormer against us

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    Yet I'm the only person to post about him, though everyone is so au fait with him

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    It's been such a long time since I was familiar with The Heath after dark I wouldn't know where to..


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    Yeah, but this place would be empty without it

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    On here maybe not but, you know, he's old news with the youth.

    Sinkgraven is the future.

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    He's no Pombal do Assis

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    you still going down gym J ? think I saw you there

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