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Thread: Nice to know Rebekah Brooks went through the trauma of failed IVF

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    Nice to know Rebekah Brooks went through the trauma of failed IVF

    Only shame is that her infertility wasn't down to ovarian cancer, the amoral ****.

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    Poor show. Frown

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    Has anybody pointed out that it's a bit late for the "look, i AM human" angle?

    Still, she's already been let off one charge, I can see a clean sweep acquittal here.

    Looks like Tony's advice was decent after all.

    Also, I seem to remember everyone telling me I was a paranoid conspiracy theorist when I said Hutton was a kangaroo inquiry with a pre-determined result.

    Once more, Jorge has the last laugh

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    Occasionally humanity conjures individuals so despicable such

    words are justified.

    Her, not me

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    good work mont..back yo your proper old skool insults..far better imo

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    I would have thought she's been shown to be all too human Shrug

    Let's be honest: does anyone really give a toss? Really?

    Ultimately, this thing has been hijacked by party politics (as these things always are), which has only served to incline most people not to care. It was interesting for a bit, but that was two years ago. Everyone's bored now and it just looks like a witch hunt.

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    "Judge not lest ye be judged", m.

    Of course, your lot did judge the chap who said that.

    Then they nailed him to a cross and left him to die.

    Bit off, that.

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    I think the trial's been pretty interesting

    Also, it does feel like a bit of the old journalistic world has been laid to rest with all of this. I dont really think it's party political though, apart from she's a close friend of the PM and Coulson was his Netto Alistair Campbell.

    And the crimes were actually pretty f**king despicable, let's not forget that.

    Given that the british public is currently consuming their tiny minds with people playing crown green bowls on an ice rink I hardly think what they are interested in should be any barometer of validity.

    Also, it's been worth it to prove that the Hutton sham was just that

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    What more penance can I offer for "my lot" than ending my heebie lineage

    by procreating with a gentile?

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    Exactly. So it's served its purpose, then. Shrug

    People only want one witch hunt at a time, j. And we've had Jimmy Savile since then, so Yewtree's of far more interest.

    And how you can claim it's not party political when Tom Watson has used it as a means to get vengeance on Murdoch for his beloved Gordon I don't know.

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