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Thread: The cheer ozil will get at sunderland will be great day

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    The cheer ozil will get at sunderland will be great day

    in our clubs history.

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    How many do you think he'll score that day,m?

    I think he'll bag 5.

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    No that big but maybe 2

    Some of his set up passes will be out of this world. Well done to whole club for getting one of greatest midfielders in the world to come to us.

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    Good man.2 goals and 5 assists.I'm off down the bookies

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    I might be wrong but think that could happen

    best assits he had in europe last year

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    Meh, he won't even start imo

    Needs to earn his way into our starting 11. Can't have these big time Charlies coming in and usurping the places of quality players who have earned their right to be there

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    Thanks mate.Just stuck 300 dabs on 7-0.Told 'em it was a tip from modd

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    Not sure we win 7-0. maybe by 4 or 5. So don,t blame

    me if does not happen like that.

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    OK,I've put 200 on 5-0 as well.Thanks mate.

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    He good enough to go straight in for having the most

    assists in europe last season. A magnificent achivement.

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