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Thread: Alexis Sanchez is Barca's Gervinho

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    Alexis Sanchez is Barca's Gervinho

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    Who was that blond bloke Barca had up front against Benfica. He was amazing.

    Think he was an east European.

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    Yes he was good but can't remember his name, not Messi for sure

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    Sanchez is ten times the player Gervinho is.

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    Rafinha? He is Brazilian i think

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    I agree but among the Barca players he is rubbish

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    Cant really say the same for gervinho though. Plenty of other crap around him

    At arsenal

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    Deulofeu ive just checked. one of the Barca youth players. Came off the bench. amazing

    Talent. Should get him on loan IMO.

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    I concur. They could buy so much better.

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