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Thread: The Assists Collection: 1) People slagging of Arshavin... Statistically he's been our best player.

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    I never said that. But to base form and praise according to the numbers of goals/assists is stupid.

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    I said statistically in form of goals provided he's been the best.

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    Also tbf we can't suddenly say the assist statistic is **** just because JB brought it up Shrug

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    He doesn't track back at all....

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    It takes more than a final pass and a finish to score a goal Bang head

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    Please find us citation that opta stats puts Arshavin as our best player. Wenger said >>>

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    oh hang these are *his* stats?? They aren't sourced from somewhere?

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    DB was the king of creating goals. Not the king of just making the final pass. Much more to a goal

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    Where do your stats come from JB?

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