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Thread: The Assists Collection: 1) People slagging of Arshavin... Statistically he's been our best player.

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    Assists? LA will be turning in his grave imo.

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    Why is it only his BEST assists then?

  3. #143

    I thought he was down under

  4. #144

    Hang on. He's off to lunch once he's climbed out of that massive hole.

  5. #145

    Turning on his bar stool more like

  6. #146

    Falling off his bar stool more like

  7. #147

    He is down under and proving it is where men chunder

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    As soon as anyone has left here for more than a couple of days they're dead to me Lar.

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    Harsh in the extreme

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    Hail Jesus of Edinburgh

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