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Thread: Final Table

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    Final Table

    One correct prediction for Villa - pjlincs

    Final table below - congratulations to pjlincs!

    Pos,Name,Games Predicted,Points,Percentage
    4,gary heslip,53,88,33.21
    5,Dutch Gooner,50,87,34.80
    6,71 Guns,47,80,34.04
    7,Exiled Gunner,50,78,31.20
    9,Jock Gooner,45,74,32.89
    12,Gooner Canuck,43,70,32.56
    13,Hendon Gooner,41,58,28.29
    14,The Tony,38,57,30.00
    16,Rico Silva,11,17,30.91
    19,TRENT COLTON,2,1,10.00

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    Well done pjlincs (grrrrrrr) and as always great work HomerJ
    'Seems that I was busy doing something close to nothing
    But different than the day before'

    'Met a dwarf that was no good, dressed like Little Red Riding Hood'

    'Now you're unemployed, all non-void
    Walkin' round like you're Pretty Boy Floyd'

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    Thanks again HJ, much appreciated all that you do.
    Yay me!
    Look forward to defending my crown and a return to mid-table obscurity next season.
    Have a great close season all.

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    Wd pjlincs. pjleics?
    When I was young and full of rage
    I hated Tottenham to the core
    But now I've reached a gentler age
    I hate the f¨ckers even more.

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    i'm in fecking spurdsy place??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DG (socialist surrender monkey) View Post
    i'm in fecking spurdsy place??
    To Pjicinics congratulations on finishing top....a worthy and deserved winner
    To Homer as always thanks for organising and managing league..very much appreciated
    enjoy the summer and battle commences mid August

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