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Thread: PPPL FAQ

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    Updated PPPL Information

    Thought it was about time I updated this post - and although it is largely the same I have trimmed it down somewhat.

    This is my 7th year as admin of the PPPL - so I reckon about the 19th or 20th year of the competition.

    Firstly the prize...Chris+ used to donate a new home shirt for the winner but has not done so for some time. I have provided prizes in the past but the last 3 winners are currently awaiting their prizes! I intend to sort this in the near future. I am happy to continue offering a home shirt as a prize and will endeavour to get it to the winner in a more timely fashion going forward!

    How to score points:

    For correctly predicting the winner (or draw in case of a draw): 2 points
    For correctly predicting the home team score: 1 point
    For correctly predicting the away team score: 1 point
    For a perfect prediction: 1 bonus point.

    You predict a 6-1 victory for an Arsenal - manure match:
    ·If the outcome of that match is 2-0 you get 2 points because you correctly predicted the winner
    ·If the outcome is 1-1 you get 1 point for only predicting the right away team score.
    ·If the outcome is 6-0 you get 3 points for correctly predicting the winner and the home team score.
    ·If the outcome is 5-1 you get 3 points for correctly predicting the winner and the away team score.
    ·If the outcome is 6-1 you had a perfect prediction and will get 5 points (correctly predicting winner, home team score and away team score + bonus point)
    ·And finally if, in a very unlikely situation, manure would win and score more than 1 goal (and Arsenal all but 6 goals) you score zero points


    On reflection I think all rules bar Rule 1 can be dispensed with.

    Rule 1
    The PPPL administrator is allowed to create and change rules as and when he/she pleases.

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    *******s to this rampant simplification

    At least dutch star helder was careful to stay true to the origins of the game and give credit to its (ahem) originator.

    I spit in the face of your modernisation. I decry your consecutive numbering system. I abhor the lack of any explanation of what PPPL means and stands for. And I applaud you doing this for everyone on AWIMB for so long.

    <Grumpily storms off>

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