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  1. Stick to Ice Hockey and moose noncing you enormous pillock

    . . . . . . .
  2. If we offered any of our players to Munich on a free they'd politely decline

    . . . . . .
  3. Of course the schnitzel scoffing c.unts...

    Of course the schnitzel scoffing c.unts surrendered - we'd kicked their arsťs you soppy tw@t. That's no reason we couldn't pop a Fat Boy on Berlin .. as punishment!
  4. We should've nuked the c.unts the same time we done the slant-eye

    . . . . . . .
  5. Well at least Chelsea seem to be getting their...

    Well at least Chelsea seem to be getting their just desserts these days. As for Oilygarks, I am developing a loathing of Pep GardyHola that nearly matches how I felt abour Sir Alex Boilerface.
  6. We do seem to be doing an awful lot of fannying around

    in our opponents box. Wengerís DNA still haunts us. Iíve never even heard of this Emery chap but he clearly outfought and outmanouevred LegoHead so the solution is simple - sack Arteta and employ...
  7. When we pitifully surrender the Title challenge in this manner, does Sir C still come

    along and start lachrymosely pining for Wenger?
  8. Why was Martinelli taken off right after he was brought on? Was he injured?

  9. Not only does Jesus have very little impact- ever - he has that whiney little

    bitch look on his face all the time which is very annoying. That c.unt Zinchenko is a master a spunking possession in a manner that seems to trigges chances for out opponents too.
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    I was in the North Bank about 5 rows back so excellently place to see both of them.

    It was that great 'through the net' view which also has that awful phenomenon of hearing the sound the net makes when the ball rolls down it but only when when your opponent scores. When your own...
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    Is that the one where Tel dribbled past about three defenders to slot home? ( Peanut

    headed, flat-track bully choker he was )
  12. Looking at the fixture list it is evident that the run in has been bent in

    Liverpools favour. Oh well, not much can be done but they will fold next season without Klopp. Unless, of course, he leaves his retina burning radioactive teeth behind for his successor.
  13. Correct Red, slightly ashamed I insulted him that...

    Correct Red, slightly ashamed I insulted him that way - I had a ghastly feeling we were going to crumble but what I saw was most edifying. Once again we made that b.ollocks ugly Nog galoot Haaland...
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    If I may respectfully differ John - I think Kloppís players

    will soon start to fade because they know heís off at the end of season. They will subliminally become less inclined to run through walls for the toothsome German.
  15. I see LegoHeadís busy transmitting his Pep inferiority Complex to

    the media, and thereby to his team :rolleyes:
  16. I despise United with a depth and purity that is sacred to me but was glad to see

    Liverpool's luck run out. I've had enough of that kķnt Klopp and his radioactive teeth.
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    Can you two cissy boys stop spouting kraut and find a private room in which to

    lovingly weave daisies into each others hair?
  18. Very kind of you old stick but I was looking for lossless format. And I fear if I

    connected to your stuff my house would almost immediately fill up with strange spiritual entities floating around on the Astral Plane and generally making a nuisance of themselves :-D
  19. Iíd say closer to 16 but a good while back. I...

    Iíd say closer to 16 but a good while back. I didnít stay with it long .. I beavered away on my uploads til Iíd accrued enough credit to get what I wanted and left. There was an admin on there that...
  20. TheftWIMB .. There was a site Headgear introduced me to years ago where you could

    download .flac files of just about any album that was ever made and burn a CD. You could only download as much as you had uploaded yourself. I'm sure it no longer exists but wondered if there is...
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    No, not greg .. the fella that flounced when heíd...

    No, not greg .. the fella that flounced when heíd been on the end of a Berni roasting .. well meaning wokerati type
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    I thought you and Berni were great pals

    I thought you and Berni were great pals
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    Arenít you pretty much Dutch C. I came across the real you on Facebook years ago,

    think you were linked to that commie fella Berni was always rucking with, and seem to remember you had a very Cloggie name?
  24. I never believed modd was Berni - to give the Devil his due, Berni was an excellent

    wordsmith and had he decided to create a windup character on here it would have been far more interesting than modd.
  25. RickyG, Monty92, Kavutsa Schindler .. Iím sure there were 2 other nics he

    operated under here? Do you recall them?
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