View Full Version : Watched this Storyville thing on Gaddafi last night. Turns out he was both madder and nastier than

02-24-2014, 11:33 AM
you realised. Really not a very nice chap at all, the old Fatima Whitbread impersonator, tbh.

Still. Interesting doc imo
http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03tj0n0/Storyville_201 32014_Mad_Dog_Gaddafis_Secret_World/ (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03tj0n0/Storyville_20132014_Mad_Dog_Gaddafis_Secret_World/)

Classic Jorge
02-24-2014, 11:34 AM
Missed that, there's no way to series link the f**ker and they never re-run them or release them on DVD.

I did catch the latest Meades thing the other night though.

Meades :bow:

02-24-2014, 11:41 AM
fact that all my instincts are screaming at me to be irritated by his arch 'quirkiness'. Luckily, he is sufficiently serious about the subjects he discusses and such a good communicator that I'm able to get past it. I like him in spite of his presentational style, not because of it.

His series on France was a particular tour de force imo.

David Pleat AHADF (Royal Welsher and monkey lover)
02-24-2014, 11:41 AM

02-24-2014, 11:45 AM
“our audience will only stay engaged if we overlay an emotive soundtrack” style that seems to permeate documentary making today.

Classic Jorge
02-24-2014, 11:46 AM
But, bless him, he's stuck with it. Admirably.

And, as you say, he's excellent at getting the right balance between being entertaining and informative.

Classic Jorge
02-24-2014, 11:47 AM

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02-24-2014, 11:54 AM
commissioning types that this is actually a profoundly old-fashioned 'clever, establishment man who knows his stuff educating his audience by addressing the camera'-type documentary that doesn't require the patronising cheap tricks of dramatisation or stupid music.

He's actually got far more in common with Kenneth Clark or Jacob Bronowski than people think.

Classic Jorge
02-24-2014, 11:57 AM
I wouldnt say that sort of programme is that uncommon, at least on the too-clever-by-half ghetto that is BBC4.

I mean, what would people like Andrew Graham-Doxon, Dan Snow or Waldemar Januszcak do?