View Full Version : Tomas was superb but Ramsey deserves credit too for some good recent performances, fans find it easy

Nicosia Gooner
04-08-2013, 08:13 AM
to criticise but not so easy to praise

Has been one of our most consistent players since his move to central midfield, was very unfair to judge him while playing out of position. How would Arteta or Jack do if asked to play on the wings?

The Tony
04-08-2013, 08:38 AM
Yes things are finally stating to click for Ramsey.

The biggest problem for him wasn't his injury but rather trying to define his role in the team but that could only be obtained through game time...thankfully due to injuries and loss of form from others he's finally getting his chance. Neeced gametime to display his midfield credentials. Appears to be a far classier version of Scott Parker.

Problem now will be - what readjustment will be made for when Wilshere gets back into the side...would like Ramsey to keep his midfield spot and Wilshere playing further forward so we harness his creative and attackign play more but AW might just slot him back in alongside Arteta and that leaves Ramsey back at square 1....trying to define his role in the team.