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  1. If anyone has the patience to explain the nuances of April Fool to our german friends, would they
  2. Apples are alright, aren't they?
  3. Right back to business. do you use the cruise control on your cars?
  4. :fashwimb: Has anyone used the automatic parallel reverse parking on a car?
  5. So. If Leicester and Tottenham lose this weekend and we win, we'll be 8 points off
  6. Oh, I like this! A gun that looks like a smartphone for embarassment-free public carrying
  7. Sorry but site doesn't me allow me to answer on other thread. I said Stan was an oligarch and
  8. Fattest f*UK*ers of Europe by 2025, apparently.
  9. New user klaxon! The newest registered user is Servant Charlie c**tbag 51
  10. Fairly good article from the Guardian
  11. Rosberg comparing himself to Leicester City Indifferent
  12. review of batman v superman: it was good. wonder woman will be a welcome addition.
  13. Why is there no :USA! USA!: smiley? Answer me that, eh?
  14. Anyone know any pubs in Reading that show 3pm kick offs?
  15. I hope we give Watford what for tomorrow.
  16. It's on!
  17. Yes Bow Now get the second before they recover
  18. That was a clear penalty, Prodl on Welbeck. Lineman had a perfect view. Joke.
  19. Iwobi and Elneny have been excellent so far.
  20. I just took an immense and very clarifying ****. that is all. Wave
  21. Good young player, rubbish celebration.
  22. That Payet free kick Oh
  23. In all the Iwobi love in, please remember that young Joel didn't excellently for the 4th....
  24. 3-0 Hectorrrrrrrr!
  25. There's something of the Rocastle about Iwobi
  26. And do not knock us out of our cup again you dirty little Hertfordshire* cvnts
  27. Spuds wobbling Big grin
  28. Looks like Spurs don't fancy the title either.
  29. I'm a bit worried that LA hasnt checked in tbh...I really hope he didnt listen to me and go Oxford
  30. My view on today fantastic peformance
  31. Dr Neg Rub chin
  32. Yawn Yawn Yawn HANG ON A FECKIN MIN..why is everyone saying wd welbeck? Motd..he did *** all Smile also modd
  33. unfortunately it has to be said that gnabry's done. where even is he? I saw him on the list of
  34. After today's performances I wonder if Giroud will be back.
  35. A good win but at this point in the season is it a case of too little too late?
  36. For Leicester to not win the league they would have to lose 4 matches. What are the
  37. essentially our season foundered upon giroud's failed effort from 5 yards out vs swansea.
  38. So this doping Dr claims to have treated Arsenal players.
  39. thanks for making an effort to save that you southampton c**t
  40. Deliberate handball by the last man as the ball's going in the net.
  41. What excites me is the fire this has to have lit under the butt of certain players.
  42. f**king geddin! Clap
  43. The West Indies can shove their dancing up their c**tholes.
  44. lecster show sign of imploding. we be dancing in streets in may Nod
  45. It is feasable that LC could, just could, drop 12 points in this run-in.
  46. Stokes the chokes ****er
  47. Stokes Shake head
  48. jesus feckin Christ....defeat snatched from the jaws of victory Frown
  49. Proper useless from Stokes. f**king hell.
  50. Stokes didn't deserve that....but what can u do? Braithwate is a monster....
  51. Break out into a dance now Gayle, you c**t ****er
  52. Modd? Think Southampton will beat them tomorrow? They lost. Better start fearing Leicester mate.
  53. West Ham want to pay 20 million for him, there'll be other fools. A season without a kick (outside
  54. Hopefully King cricket-****er Berni is distarught and in a world of hurt
  55. Jack on front page of the Sun tomorrow
  56. I concede that Leicester are big favourites now, but you'd have to be a dribbling cretin
  57. Diaby started a league match Yikes... first start in 3 yrs
  58. Jesus wept
  59. tbf, he done well to stay on his feet here
  60. Just what is the old man going on about here. Time and again we fold throughout a season
  61. FFS new depths plumbed
  62. Iwobi and Sanchez will be our new Anelka Overmars
  63. This Panama Papers leak is going to make a lot of very rich, powerful people very uncomfortable
  64. Hands up all those who refuse to take advantage of discounts in shops!
  65. Jorge do you regularly post pictures of your cock on the net?
  66. So. The Archers, eh? Helen stabbed the wifebeating prick right up. Good work imo.
  67. Fat jihadi. Not so much ISIS as Pie-sis imo.
  68. The hair progression of Antonio Conte, the new Chelsea manager?
  69. The perfect gift for the Dementia sufferer in your life ...
  70. Lunchtime walk through Bush Hill Park, Enfield. Who should I see coming the other way with a bloody
  71. I have rejected the Mach 3 / Fusion multi-blade disposable shaving regime
  72. Lickleyhead Castle
  73. Gingerwimb (admittedly a small subset) John Snow and Ygritte are a couple
  74. Ah, we've found redgunamo then.
  75. Can't remember where I saw this
  76. And another thing - how can you have a part-time bishop?
  77. Phew. Awimb was temporarily blocked at work again. I have missed all the top banter.
  78. One tiny saving grace of Spurs becoming good is that they are pretty hard to dislike as a group.
  79. Fanny Batter and Beer...two of the nicest things ..all now in one Clound Nine
  80. It is funny to see the stick that Monty and modd get on here for even veaguely positive posts
  81. This place needs a Fash post. I am considering stopping smoking (for real this time)
  82. What's Abramovich got against Hiddink anyway Shrug
  83. Do the papers not find it just slightly odd that not one American is involved in Panama papers...
  84. Got shunted in the rear last Thursday
  85. Jorge, is this your cup of tea? Or coffee, rather?
  86. How delusional. Leceister would have to lose most of their remaining matches.
  87. I almost wish LCFC had beaten LFC so at least we could say our wins over them kept our Invincibles r
  88. Iwobi signs new deal Clound Nine No need to splurge this summer. Internal solutions.
  89. Looks like the best chance we had of a trophy this season went tonight.
  90. Absolutely sickening, but uttelry unsurprising, to read the criticism of Charlie Hebdo’s superb
  91. I hope I have my title back Smile or perhaps its was a bit cliched ..maybe I'm washed up as agibber ..
  92. Let's bait out some skets.
  93. I cant read the word 'squard' without saying "squard" now Cry
  94. Have you ever seen Zoella? You should take a look.
  95. Right. Time to break from the below thread for lunch anyone :fashwimb:
  96. I can't work out if today's newest usser is supposed to be offensive, or
  97. Dirty f**king robot slag's gagging for it imo.
  98. I'm pretty sure HMRC went on an off shore acount witchhunt a few years back ?
  99. Wendy Deng's relationship trajectory reveals a proper taste for bad boys
  100. get the fvck out, icelandic punk bitch. Smile
  101. Hippo and the crits.
  102. Shall I?
  103. I know we've all sort of got used to it now, but is that sticky ever going to f**k off?
  104. "After all, what has Rummenigge ever done for *us*." Roll eyes :bayernbanner****ers:
  105. Dave's supposed to be some sort of 'toff', yet his father died leaving 2.7m Shrug
  106. I realised something last night. Lionel Messi, Great Footballer? Not for me, Clive..
  107. Tonight I shall go alone to the cinema (an independent one, which makes it inherently better),
  108. hehe Downing St releasing four statements in a day on Dave's offshore adventures
  109. We just hired a private investigator. Total magnum p.i. **** yo.
  110. Anyway, these Panama papers - doesn't this information belong to the bank?
  111. Do any of you have a bank account in UK?
  112. I'm currently the only man in the office. 4 women are now discussing childbirth horror stories. Frown
  113. Gardeningwimb - I completed on a property with my other half at the weekend. The new property has
  114. I’ve just read some quotes from Jess Phillips about David Cameron that genuinely make me want
  115. Perhaps I'm missing something here but this bint definately looks a 'unit' to me Shrug
  116. So. Platini voted for Qatar to please Sarkozy, who wanted to please Qatar, who won the bid
  117. f**k me! As if two years serving on a jury weren't bad enough, they've had to spend it listening to
  118. Jesus Christ, this septic election *******s is still going on!!
  119. I have to say, this is perhaps the best show in TV right now
  120. Drastic military cuts cancelled; Frankie Hollande announces increases instead.
  121. It's not very often but sometimes, just sometimes, the internet is a wonderful place
  122. Theatre buffs:
  123. State of this f**king lunatic.
  124. loooooooooooooooooooooool. Kevin the Brown.
  125. We're all surely in agreement that, with some extra Zlatan next season, we'd be the tits
  126. Jorge. My wife is going to a family funeral up your way tomorrow.
  127. Zelalem back in the fold for next season then.
  128. Wolfsburg spanked Madrid. Not bad for the easy option.
  129. Going out for free dinner with GLW at a hotel restaurant from some running thing I did..feels bit
  130. "I'd rather spend 20 grand to have her head kicked in." charlie sheen of ex-fiancee. now
  131. So is it old Jags involvedin this whole celebrity threesome thing ? Smile PJS ?
  132. The thing I don't like is that, after they knocked Chelsea out,
  133. What's a good page for stats? I want to see a PL table from this time last season.
  134. The marcelo dive was a pretty decent effort, I thought.
  135. The J and M show is pretty bloody f**king dull..I miss Pat Frown whats for brunch ?
  136. The Hillsborough inquest jurors have clearly spent too much time amongst Scousers.
  137. Hey Jorge – so tell us again how there's "no division" because some of your best mates are muslim
  138. Sir C, I take it you're going to The Caretaker?
  139. Another Quaker has been murdered for criticising Quakerism Frown
  140. So I’ve made a personal injury claim for my car accident, and yet I won’t be seen by an independent
  141. Good heavens!
  142. New kit looks good.
  143. Bet you'll all be glued to Arsenal tv tomorrow for the return of Jack and Tomas
  144. Monty, have you called Gary? Gary looks like a man who'd win your case
  145. With strenuous training like this we're certain to finish top of the league.
  146. I've justt heard that an old friend of mine has passed away. Died, as it were.
  147. Anyway, lesbians. I know I'm not a great believer in them, but I can't be the only one to whom this
  148. So it looks as though they had f**k all on Cameron after all. I take it Jorge will be issuing an
  149. So, about this Cameron not being bent thing
  150. lol. As a great statesman once said, never believe anything until it's been officially denied.
  151. Hilarious that the Labour Party has put an expenses fiddler up
  152. Luckily the Hungry ones arent playing the Turkeys imo
  153. I thought LinkedIn was supposed to be for professional purposes
  154. Of course the more interesting thing is just what an absolute f**king disaster this Remain leaflet
  155. I take it we are all backing T Whelan's ride in the Grand National
  156. Lunch?
  157. Literally picking my chim up off the floor...amazing scenes
  158. So despite being fully comp I don't even get a c**ting hire car. I must say, the procedure for
  159. Talking of dwarves, I was reading about this little fellow the other day
  160. Have we covered Ainsley Maitland-Niles mother yet? Fnar fnar
  161. The glw's away tonight. There's just me and a large piece of pork belly Clound Nine
  162. Anybody transferred old VHS tapes to a computer?
  163. I've got kettles being advertised at me now since I clicked Snin's kettle link.
  164. I dont imagine this will amuse anybody as much as it does me
  165. Livingstone's gone the full mental hehe
  166. Of course the best egg is the poached egg. But you knew that, right?
  167. Judging by the repeated shots of Olly soiling his pants in the Game of Thrones promo clip
  168. Any been on The Fry Up police? It's v AWIMB.
  169. Oh bollox I'm going down the pub Frown
  170. The Masters Clound Nine
  171. It's easy to forget just how good Neil Diamond is.
  172. Anyone know where I can find a copy of Fly Foshing by J.R Hartley?
  173. We will regret leaving Cech on the bench today.
  174. Iwobi Clap
  175. Did i hear right that those BT sports c**ts thought the West Ham goal was onside?
  176. I love goals like that Frown
  177. Bang head Bang head
  178. hehe
  179. That's that then.
  180. Anyone had a bet on the gee-gees? Holywell and Morning Assembly e/w for me.
  181. Indifferent
  182. Oh and Gabriel is a proper bostonbrian.
  183. We may have lost the league in five minutes there.
  184. I see Piers Morgan is blaming Ospina for Carroll's first goal. hehe
  185. Gabriel
  186. I think we should start to try blocking a few crosses. #Negenuis
  187. Real test of character and speeeerit for the second half.
  188. Oh and Gabriel is a proper bostonbrian.
  190. FFS Sanchez!!!! Shout
  191. 3rd goal was a Gabriel own goal. Ospina had Carroll's header saved.
  192. And maybe this is hindsight talking, but wasn't this a game for Per? The threat was always going to
  193. no problem lads, Leicester are going to collapse. It's in the bag!
  194. you have Petr Cech on the bench, but play Ospina v Andy Carroll. More of the same genius to come
  195. Elneny has slotted in quite nicely. What a shame one or two like that were not signed last summer.
  196. Not an excuse but Carroll should have had a red and three yellows.
  197. Gabriel is terrible hehe
  198. C'mon Romford Ray
  199. are we still be dancing in may?
  200. Palace win!!!!
  201. I love these type of games ..2-0 up early allows you to f**k of and do your day's work with no worry
  202. Citeh collapsing! What a wonderful point that was!!! (to stay third)
  203. From the boss' comments I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a new central defender next year.
  204. What time does the main fight kick off? 10-ish?
  205. Something that f**ks me off, people who suddenly become [insert nation] when said nation
  206. We can still come top. We just win the rest of our matches while Spuds and Leicester lose theirs Wink
  207. Good training day today..wd me
  208. f**k off already you boring featherweights
  209. Only we could make a carthorse like Carroll look like a f**king world beater.
  210. So Bens sons fight only 4 rounds ?? Yikes
  211. This chap on the boxing sounds like a Welsh Ali G.
  212. observations from today West Berkshire is VERY white with many St George flags
  213. Thank f**k for that. Now we can get on with the proper stuff.
  214. In case you still harboured any faint lingering hope - forget it. Modd's non-appearance confirms
  215. Keown knows
  216. good to see barca bottling it
  217. eagles!
  218. Have we ever had two heavyweight champions before???
  219. JJOOSSHWA come on my son
  220. awesome job by AJ ..plus good attitude..charles respectful too
  221. HAHAAHAHA. Silly c**t. STAY DOWN PRINCE!!!
  222. Fix obviously. Nice bung for Martin and everyone out in time to get the tube.
  223. Here's hoping Fury beats Klitchsko and then Joshua can knock out that pikey.
  224. In general, that sort of thing should always be a penalty, imo.
  225. That is why they're going to win the league.
  226. hehe modd Wave
  227. How is that not a foul? Indifferent
  228. Don't mention it man!!!! We love it when you take our money!
  229. Where's that pathetic wum who was giving it large after our world-beating win at Everton?
  230. hehe Those spawney c**ts are going to win 1-0 again, aren't they ?
  231. the truth is that we probably could not have caught leicester anyway. they've forgotten how to lose.
  232. Lester really aren't that much better than us. They've just worked out what central defenders do
  233. Geddin!
  234. Thank God for Leicester!
  235. Our main target is to try and catch Spurs
  236. Spurs - man u delayed as utd bus stuck in traffic. Jose ain't even boss yet hehe
  237. Looks like Pochettino has nailed the final audition for the United job.
  238. God help me I've just had an apocalyptic nightmare vision of the future. Tottenham's first
  239. Well our last 16 exit in the champions league is all but guaranteed for next season.
  240. fantastic result. Our boys be dancing in the strets of Potter;s Bra this may. Beter squard then you
  241. What is the opposite of St Tott's Day?
  242. Tottenham playing like a team convinced they can finish second.
  243. We're on course to finish ten points behind Leicester. How utterly embarrassing.
  244. Next week we will unleash Jack on Palace.
  245. On Saturday morning, I awoke after a night out with something of a hangover and discovered that, at
  246. Well. the golf and the rugby were good at the weekend
  247. My partner has wet dreams – is there anything we can do to stop them?
  248. What's happened to the Premier league? It's tuned into a right pile of ****