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  1. Clound Nine Clound Nine
  2. I saw this and it reminded me of an awimb thread earlier this week.
  3. Oh, FFS! I've just found out that, in the awards we're running, our judges appear to have chosen a
  4. I watched that thing about Dunblane the other night. f**k me it was bleak. Frown
  5. I don't like to single out posters on AWIMB but...
  6. Blimey Yikes
  7. What do we do on Sunday then? Put out a full strength team knowing we might be little
  8. One for Sir Charlie here
  9. Pat Vegas is returning to Vegas
  10. Shrood move by the Poch to bail out of the Europa to try and win the league?
  11. You've got to feel for sacked Schteve MacLaren, havent you?
  12. Jonathan franzen. discuss.
  13. david foster wallace. go.
  14. I just can't get the image of Giroud's celebration out of my head - rocking the baby like that if it
  15. This is taking the piss >>>>
  16. This youngster strikes me as someone who might be prone to hit the woodwork
  17. Following on from the soldier being bum raped....
  18. The truth is that I do enjoy [the responsibility]. When I don't score goals I feel like I've failed
  19. Speaking of cats - My girlfriend and I want to get a pair. I've tried searching on Gumtree and it
  20. So, the inaugural season of Sir Ken Branagh's Theatre Company continues with The Painkiller.
  21. Come on the Royals
  23. Music Keith Emerson has died aged 71. ELP RIP
  24. Benitez is going to give Newcastle that new manager boost and take points off Leicester Clound Nine
  25. Shame I miss a rather literary Friday on awimb. Just to confirm The Corrections is a great novel,
  26. Bollox! Got to go drinking again, pub crawl as well Frown
  27. Nothing to say, other than: Funky Town!
  28. I recently joined Costco. f**king good imo
  29. I must say scholes is a real pain in the ass. If I were lvg I'd want to choke him out.
  30. Tried to get into the Trump rally here today. No chance
  31. I dreamt last night we won 1-3 at Barcelona. Last time I had a football dream I got it right.
  32. If you look at Maria Sharapova's pics she's as blonde as my ass. Big black eyebrows = big black bush
  33. f**king fiesty welsh c**tz
  34. That was some goal from Lukaku. Wish we had a No.9 who could slalom through defenders and finish,
  35. looooooooooooooooooool
  36. I hope we don't have to face Everton.
  37. Now Barry is off and misses our game Clound Nine
  38. Great weekend for arsenal.
  39. Watching the 6 Nations must be what watching 2nd Div footie feels like.
  40. Costa has bit him and then hugged him Clap
  41. He's coming, boys
  42. Titi at it already, welcome Zlatan Clound Nine
  43. F A don't even know there own history, bunch of tossers
  44. I didn't know Messi did stand up these days hehe
  45. Plenty of people seem to think the Watford game is a gimme. What the f**k? This kind
  46. Oooh. Close to full strength. Only the two FBs rested. Do you think the Chavs going out has made
  47. Everton away on Saturday at 12:45. How unfair.
  48. Giroud hehe
  49. That's a load of old ****, imo.
  50. How does off-side work? Is it any part of the body or is it feet? Olly's knee was off, but feet
  51. Why do we always f**king kick it out when some c**t is feigning injury angry
  52. Weere starting to get scrappy. Come on Arsenal.
  53. Do we have more idiots in our squad than other teams?
  54. Good to see the new boy is up to our standards
  55. Lucky not to get a red there.
  56. The Egyptian John Jensen. He'll never score.
  57. When's the replay ?..neither of these teams are scoring f**k all today
  58. How can you yellow card for time wasting and then only add on 2 minutes, 2 mins is standard.
  59. Gabriel needs to get some control. He's so far away when he commits to those tackles
  60. Gabriel, another in a long line of red-card idiots. Hope he realizes how lucky he is to still be on.
  61. Starting to think Gabriel might be a dud Frown
  62. Awful defending.
  63. Gabriel started off well but has morphed into a complete bostonbrian on Djourou levels.
  64. Wow, Gabriel isn't a very good player, is he? This is about the tenth time this has happened
  65. Theo one of our "big hitters" on the bench hehe
  66. I'd start using Chambers at CB. Long term project, but worth a go
  67. My god Mertesacker.......what a big f**king retard he is
  68. That looked like a foul on Campbell in the box there. 2-0...f**k off
  69. Did anyone see how Gibbs just stood there when he lost that? f**king pathetic.
  70. Oh well. Game over.
  71. Sooo, who do we want in the semi now that Chelsea are out, eh?
  72. Ozil is a ****er...runs into two men and then throws his hands up....I couldn't go to these games
  73. **** goalkeeping there :prayforArsene:
  74. It's a good thing we played Hull in the week otherwise Giroud wouldn't have scored for the
  75. Theo on ..thank God
  76. Which jinxing c**t said our name is on the cup? It's not now.
  77. Elneny off and with him any chance of a shot from outside the area unless Alexis hits one.
  78. At least Hector and Nacho will be fresh for Barca, eh?
  79. A goal worthy of ending the Wenger era
  80. How much do you reckon we'll get for Ozil?
  81. I'll give it another 10 mins. If we don't score in that time I'm quitting football fandom.
  82. Is it the fans fault again?
  83. Goodbye AWIMB. Goodbye football.
  84. Cheers Welbz, you just got me a PPPL point Thumb Up
  85. The fan that flies his helicopter from South Africa won't be happy seeing these muppets...
  86. Soft-centered, fanny dancing, tippy tappy, gutless, spoiled, millonaire ****cvnts every one
  87. Jesus Christ.
  88. Indifferent
  89. Whoops Indifferent
  90. WD Watford. Take a walk Wenger
  91. WENGER OUT!!!
  93. So how much booing and hissing was there towards the end of that debacle?
  94. He played well when he came on, but how the f**k did Welbeck miss this?
  95. How many more games we gonna have to watch where we don't have any tactics?
  96. the league is back on !!
  97. I'd rather see Spurs win the league than watch this **** year after year
  98. "Highbury didn't die for this" - well said, whoever wrote it.
  99. His claim to fame is he built a stadium....
  100. The new trend in winning soccerball is going against Arsene
  101. At least we haven't got to endure another ropey semi final at Wembley
  102. Well, we can take positives from those last 10 mins of inimitable spirit and urgency and also
  103. I just feel sad and sorry for him when I look at Wenger now.
  104. Well, only one thing left now and that is to pray Leicester win the League. Starting
  105. f**king geddin! Clap
  106. Arsene is hitting his target. 4th place with minimum expediture. What's your problem awimb?
  107. some of you old school chaps may remember that in a bizarre turn of events, we once played Watford
  108. hehe >>>>>>
  109. It's hard to believe the we actually beat table toppers Leicester twice.
  110. Some players have performed admirably this season, it has to be said, the likes of
  111. To the Wenger outers, who should replace him?
  112. Is there any point in wanting a new manager when the owner just sees the club as a cash-cow franchis
  113. I just heard AW say how well he thought we played the dopey, senile, Learesque, deranged old
  114. hehe it's almost like it was written for us
  115. Thoughts on fa cup exist
  116. ... sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick you head out and yell,
  117. Oh well, the in-laws are all very happy Frown
  118. Anyone notice the growing popularity of Henry as the next manager :-/
  119. so if 82% want him gone at the end of the season, do the other 18% want him gone now Shrug
  120. He's off in the summer, isnt he?
  121. Cruft's is weird, isn't it? How the f**k do you judge a dog to be 'the best'?
  122. It's always darkest before the dawn
  123. So our batsmen can't play left arm pace or leg spin even when
  124. Santi will be our saviour. Giroud can be f**ked off to the reserves to find some form. Theo told to
  125. Stan has been exposed as a cheapskate again . Trying to get the Rams players contracts under Missour
  126. We're going to win 3-0 in Barcelona. That will f**k the narrative hehe
  127. it's all right, I'm at peace. essentially this has become a john woo movie. giroud or someone needs
  128. Jorge Sampaoli with Arteta as his assistant.
  129. As a side note one of my disappointments this season is that I haven't made more money off of us
  130. Game of Thrones Histories and Lore Glasses
  131. Fortunate to be at Butlins instead of the game Sunday. What happened?
  132. I feel it's the end an era.
  133. For the first time since I got them I'm seriously contemplating giving up my season tickets.
  134. So a lot of the kvetching, ire and opprobrium seems to be coming down on Kroenke's bewigged head
  135. hey! so you f*ggots get a lot of rain over there, right? what's your selection of trenchcoat? I'm
  136. Phwoarrrr, get in!
  137. Kronke OUT OUT OUT
  138. What the ****ting hell do we want from this match? Frown
  139. Sir Peter Maxwell Davies RIP. I saw him just a few weeks ago.
  140. Leicester just need to keep it in the corner...
  141. Still can't quite believe a bunch of c**ts who were in a relegation battle this time
  142. Stan Kroenke a finalist for Sports Executive of the Year Frown
  143. 13 point swing in 2 months Indifferent
  144. Well that wasn't exactly the FA Cup draw I'd hoped for Frown
  145. Overhead kick! That is so so sixties, the man thinks he's Denis Law. Thank God no Arsenal striker
  146. Nice interview with Dani Alves in the Guardian.
  147. There was a moment last night when Morgan went up for a corner and said something to Vardy. Vardy
  148. PSRB - any chance of sorting me an interview with PJ for the Cup Semi
  149. OK, regardless of whether you want him gone or not, will AW be our manager next season?
  150. Why is Kroenke now the man to blame? Why would he make our players
  151. I sense there's not very much hope, expectation or dreams about tomorrow's bum-raping, is there?
  152. Who has been to Sardina? How is it? Good walking? I know the beaches are superb etc.
  153. Apart from the miss I bloody love Welbeck.
  154. Anybody got any holidays booked?
  155. When do we get our new shiny interface, then?
  156. Kompster gone Wave
  157. "I think the Premier League is quite open - much more than people think it is."
  158. Some pretty desperate comments rolling out of the press conference..
  159. Joan Bakewell - wrong to suggest that anorexia is narcissistic?
  160. Roll eyes "I built this club with hard work... and without any help from anybody.”
  161. Be rude to not have a little chuckle at India's complete capitulation in the cricket
  162. Season's over. Modd didn't log on last night after Leicester's win. If he's given up the fat lady's
  163. I've been 'mutually consented' by rihanna. jk. I lie like a rug. bitch was begging for it. Smile
  164. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's match as much as I would be if I was visiting a dying relative.
  165. The thing is, if we could possibly - POSSIBLY - eek out 7 wins from our last 9
  166. trump, trump, trump. Tits up
  167. watched: inception (awesome), repo man (fvcking rad), sicario (meh).
  168. Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby
  169. The Arsenal are at 10/1* tonight
  170. One of the columnists for the main newspaper over here did a piece on The Lion King being facism. I
  171. not as bad as the media make it sound
  172. Given the choice, would you rather be Kikuyu or Maasai?
  173. Arsene he doesnt help himself does he?
  174. NB52 latest >>>>
  175. I see the piss throwers have now been banned from Cheltenham..
  176. Happy Birthday Theo! What's everyones favourite TJ moment? Here's mine:
  177. Beer duty frozen Smile
  178. WD Gatland imo..typical Kiwi..Gypsy boy is just banter Smile bet guardian now blacklist him
  179. Let's hope a miracle happens and we win, but what kind of defeat tonight would...
  180. I am suddenly filled with a bright, burning optimism about tonight!
  181. Just got an email alert for a job: Senior Drilling Engineer
  182. The owner and top brass are over from the states.
  183. Everyone would rather we won on Saturday than went through tonight, right?
  184. Clound Nine
  185. we're saved!! Football's forgotten man Diaby finally ready to play again.
  186. I've got to say something about Game of Thrones that's been bothering me.
  187. So this American chap who's been sentenced to 15 years hard labour in North Korea...
  188. It will be like watching an execution today. Unless we win 3-0. Frown
  189. Oh. Barcelona score lots and lots of goals, I see.
  190. Do you think Jamie Oliver dyes his hair or has he gone prematurely mauve?
  191. Glad to report Aknhaten was well worth the watch. Visually striking if lyrically baffling.
  192. Flamini and Iwobi Clap
  193. This is going to be harder to watch than an Isis beheading video
  194. Oh well...
  195. juventus doing well ive been watching that..sensible option
  196. Once again our bostonbrian defenders give away a soft goal.
  197. Adios! it's time to go home.
  198. When did this holding hands with little kids practice start? Is it done to honour *****philes
  199. Well that was good
  200. GGOOOOAAALLL THATS HOW YOU f**kINDO IT!Awesome finish
  201. The time has come to unleash the alchemy and ballistic pace that is Theo! Watch the collective
  202. f**kING SHOOT YOU c**tS!!!!!
  203. If we could, just for a couple of minutes, stop being so bloody mediocre Frown
  204. Great goal.
  206. The Old Lady of Turin raises her skirst and shows there's still a decent clunge-piece under there
  207. Ollie Ollie Ollie!!!
  208. Ah Indifferent
  209. I think we'll get another goal here to really test their sphincters
  210. Shinned it.
  211. Arsene looking towards the weekend now bringing on those two.
  212. For each rare flash of execellence there's a catalogue of poor touches, possession
  213. As good as they are. I do get the feeing the overdo and milk their celebrating
  214. If only Walcott had a first touch.
  215. I'll leave Wenger alone if he buys a proper striker.
  216. Ok performance but only at 1-1 did they look a bt flustered. With better finishing we might have got
  217. Oh well, at least we came out of tonight with some pride, and most of our arsehole, intact
  218. I need cheering up, I'm playing my modd card
  219. Thank f**k that's all the titles out the way can concentrate on 4th place cup Clound Nine
  220. Positives from tonight. Iwobi and Elneny both looked good, Welbeck did well up front,
  221. Judge me at the end of the season
  222. Lest we forget: that was some goal by Elneny.
  223. Juventus must be sick as a pappagallo. They came damn close.
  224. We looked alright. Shame we only play with drive and initiative for lost causes.
  225. Frank Sinatra's died again Frown
  226. If Wenger goes down, he goes down based on what he considers his greatest strength
  227. Ok, thats all done and dusted, so lets get on with winning the league
  228. So proud of the lads tonight
  229. I watched the last 10 mins of the Bayern Munich v Juventus game
  230. After the game, Howard Webb gave a very clear and simple explanation for why, if Mascherano did make
  231. Elneny was great last night. He's only real weakness is probably his physicality, which
  232. Daniels gone... 77
  233. I'm just not having it with Suarez's volley last night. It was a mi****. Proper shin/top of ankle.
  234. Anyone else agree with the co-commentator, whoever he was, last night,
  235. How is everyone's #banter this morning?
  236. Who said American policeman lack intuition - great detective work here
  237. NarcissismWIMB
  238. Most off-putting headline ever Frown
  239. So, this Cat Smith 'woman', who looks capable of sucking the joy out of any given scenario.
  240. There appears to be a Russ Meyer movie in place of tonights episode of EastEnders
  241. Aubameyang and Pogba will take us some way to becoming world-beaters.
  242. Re Barca and RM not getting injuries
  243. Can Everton be jinxed?
  244. Would it mark me out as a sad individual to say I'm addicted to this guy's CM 01/02 game articles?
  245. So long since I have been to Everton.... best place to park
  246. Wordwimb. Synonyms for the word puppet? I know marionette but I'm sure there is another word. Also
  247. Someone just called me a cnut Bow been ages since had a good boilerroom call like that S</a></li>
	<li> <a href=12:45 kick off? Leicester at Palace? Spurs at home to Bournemouth?
  248. I cant help but feel that this is missing some sort of point
  249. I might be getting two kittens tomorrow Clound Nine This means that I have plenty of distraction from