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  1. How many winners do we have in our team? (non Arsenal trophies)
  2. Set South Africa 210 to win in the final 30 overs imo.
  3. Whatever our cooked breakfast differences, I think we can all agree that this is a terrible idea Frown
  4. So how many of Liverpool's injured are due back for our game?
  5. Here you go & I still stand by it two years on
  6. How do you feel about this Elneny chap then?
  7. I know this is not what anyone wants to hear, but Mesut Ozil doesn’t write his own tweets Frown
  8. National Lottery website crashes ahead of GBP 50M draw
  9. Everton looked frightfully good today.
  10. devongooner has PMd me with "Do f**k off you moronic ****"
  11. I'm beginning to think that Downton Abbey is a bunch of twaddle
  12. Bloody Walloon rail unions. Hope they go the way of Bob Crow.
  13. Has anyone heard anything of Sir C? Did he survive his encounter with the lower orders?
  14. Anybody ever used to go to Sportspages in Charing Cross road?
  15. Does this Elneny chap sound impressive to you all?
  16. Here's a splendidly rich vein of comedy I've discovered. Just google
  17. Hmmm, Twitter saying 60m Euros for Aubameyang (Kike Marin)and Rabiot
  18. "Barry is one of the best English players ever". I know managers like to talk up their own players
  19. That Lemmy petition I've been sharing all over the place has picked up 25k signatures a day
  20. Jesus suffering Christ.
  21. So it would seem Per and Arsene share an unlikely common bond
  22. Coutinho out for the Arsenal match Clap
  23. On the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo murders, a chap tries to enter a Paris copshop clad in a
  24. Have you ever felt that dark and terrifying malevolence that can torment you when
  25. Veronique Rabiot, Adrien's mum, jets in for Arsenal talks
  26. The problem with being a proper fundamental atheist
  27. These rumours about Debuchy going on loan. If true, it sounds rather
  28. So this Chris Gayle business. It's alleged that this female reporter wandered into the dressing room
  29. When is the cut off day for saying Happy New Year to people?
  30. Oh dear Jorge. Cant stop talking about me can you sweetpea. See you got your bigger
  31. All this death talk has resulted in me playing tracks by Dead or Alive, The Associates and
  32. Music lcd soundsystem -- I can change Music playing coachella in a couple months.
  33. Did the maths on our impending arrival last night. Two of the f**kers in childcare 4 days a week =
  34. I cant stop looking at these 50s magazine covers.
  35. Canada will accept gay male refugees but not straight ones. My question is,
  36. I hope we don't rush into any new signings I'd much rather we
  37. 'I don't want to go to Arsenal,' Aubameyang said in The Sun. 'I won’t leave Dortmund soon.'
  38. So Chelsea would like Oxlade to replace Hazard.
  39. Worst (non football) kits/uniforms?
  40. I quite like the new identity for LAFC
  41. So we're now being told we should only drink 14 units a week to be safe - the same as women. Frown
  42. Never even heard of Gaby Hinsliff til Sir Swivel-Eyed mentioned her below and checked out the
  43. So Alexis has had another setback? I tell you what Clive, if that French c**t wasn't quite obviously
  44. Album recommendations for a Friday afternoon..
  45. Our new midfield enforcer? F**k, I've got underpants older than him...
  46. Housewimb, I am looking at areas north of London.
  47. What was David Bowie doing at your age...
  48. Price freeze on tickets for next season.......
  49. Oh, nice. Just landed an interview with Edwin van der Saar
  50. Sir C - I'm hearing talk of a snow event next week. What sort of likelihood do we have?
  51. Labi Siffre - It must be love Music oldskool
  52. Music Sex And Drugs And Beckenham Music
  53. FA CUP wimb From what I've seen Exeter have got the dippers in a right two and eight
  54. Sherlock with thon daft old poove McKellen? McKellan? Whatever.
  55. <img src="images/smiley_icons/xmashehe1.gif" border=0 alt="hehe">
  56. Looks like the usual line-up of late with maybe a tweek here and there.
  57. Anyone else suspect Exeter allowed Liverpool to level for the sake of the big payday at Anfield?
  58. I have a rather rotten feeling that spurs will finish 2nd in the League this season. This means we'd
  59. That Yaya Toure is a bit of a douchebag it seems ....
  60. Merkel was supposed to be the German "Iron Lady". What ein joke. She is a spineless dough-faced tit.
  61. On Ze Chermans, apparently their word for confidence and self-consciousness are one and the same
  62. Good, sensible selection there, I think. Ramsey on the bench.
  63. Would any of you kind gentlemen happen to have a stream for your old mate Rich?
  64. Rubbish from Gibbo there Indifferent
  65. It took Campbell scoring for me to know Walcott was playing.
  66. Wow, Danny Graham's ONLY goal for Sunderland thus far was when a teammate's
  67. Poor Ox. He could REALLY use some luck here.
  68. Iwobi played well, but Ramsey will make the difference.
  69. Ramsey will achieve heroic status if he can get a goal for Ox now.
  70. Giroud! 3-1. Lovely ball from Hector.
  71. How has he not given a pen there hehe
  72. dervite: what a terrible name for the bolton player. derivation of marmite.
  73. bueno was watching the man u game in the Southend O'Neills imo...
  74. Poll: Is Gabriel more effective than Mothersacker other than speedwise?
  75. oort arse on tellly
  76. Walsall at home would seem to be the best draw so far.
  77. Disappointed Theo, Kos and Ollie ended up playing 90 mins. Hope we won't pay for it. Still think
  78. OK cal me fanboy, but Aaron Ramsey is a whole different class to every other player on the pitch.
  79. Bellerin ye gods wot aboy
  80. What an absolute Moron the Cincinnati coach is...
  81. Who's up? Wave
  82. Pretty good outcome imo.... A replay in a week and a half
  83. Top 5 QBs: (1) rodgers (2) cam newton (3) palmer (4) brady (5) wilson
  84. Spurs are gonna do the double! It's '61 all over again Frown
  85. The Cherries have signed Benik Afobe for 12million. I wonder if Arsene inserted a sell-on clause
  86. As I watch it again, I am awestruck at Atkinson's(?) decision not to call a pen when Giroud was
  87. David Bowie gone Frown
  88. I feel I should get in my london queries before the board becomes completely bowie-dominated.
  89. My word.
  90. Anyway, this is the best Bowie look by miles. His Lady Bracknell stage.
  91. I just put Hunky Dory on.
  92. Jorge really likes how Neg is referring to himself in the third person
  93. The FA cup draw should not take place on the One show.
  94. If you have a new years resolution how's it going so far?
  95. I think it's time to get a bit excited if we grab 6pts from the next two games.
  96. I never owned a Bowie album, a bit before my time and unlike The Who, etc.
  97. Following on from Cologne......
  98. Pat, tube trivia question for you.....Which station has the shortest escalator?
  99. Awimb talks about death, work, rape, doping...but no mention of SFC sitting on the cash and not
  100. Good to see Paula Radcliffe has learnt to be a little more discreet when taking a **** in public
  101. Anyone else watching Making of a Murderer?
  102. I'd imagine you all have your own favourite Bowies, I'd like to say Low Bowie was mine
  103. I hope some bugger claims that 33m quid on the lottery soon. I bought 5 lucky dips on
  104. I tell who wasnt a fan of Bowie, the lad Cliff Richards
  105. Pokster, I am also taking Er Indoors to Rome for her 40th
  106. Good draw
  107. I have been bearing up bravely. But getting home and putting on all the Bowie albums, have burst
  108. Bow Frown Cry
  109. There was a TV programme last night featuring that fat
  110. I'm currently reading an article in which Corbyn supporters are lambasting Sir Paul Kenny as
  111. Our poor old secret services. Even Sean Penn is bantering them off now Frown
  112. BostonBrian!
  113. Did Neg see this? It would be nice if they could reach a conclusion before our Barca game.
  114. So which one of these is Gareth Bale???
  115. My highlight of the weekend was the Eastleigh pitch invader
  116. LOOOOOL! Sean Penn must be properly ****ting it now Clap
  117. Some adults go about on those scooter things. If grown ups can use them.
  118. Bowie poll
  120. Passport DilemmaWimb. What would you do?
  121. 1.5 for afobe. I'm liking this concept of the sell-on and feel it should apply to ex-girlfriends.
  122. I see Liverpool were linked with Subotic the other day.......
  123. Last time, when PSRB made me do this, we beat Olympiacos. This time, LA has made the request.
  124. I always thought it was 'leather messiah' hehe
  125. News breaks of Caulker's inclusion in tomorrow's squard
  126. You see that 'wimb. He fears me as the antelope fears the lion. The sticky is gone.
  127. Unfortunate ad placement
  128. Oh, I meant to share my favourite headline/story of the weekend with you all
  129. Oh ffs. Now Mesut's got all emotional about Istanbul. That's him distracted tomorrow.
  130. I was once imprisoned in a dead relationship that I couldn't extricate myself from and his line
  131. What's the latest from our resident Doctor on the strike?
  132. I haven't heard one post-death Bowie gag yet. Nor were there any floating around post-Lemmy.
  133. The offer has arrived. Time to hand in my notice.
  134. What's your favourite bit in The Hollies seminal hit single 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Bother'?
  135. Have we signed anyone yet?
  136. I met someone today who is a borderline midget
  137. If we win tomorrow - 11 points clear of Yanited. Happy days!
  138. Oh Mike Dean you f**kin ****er ****er Right what else is on?
  139. Our new signing trains with the first team!
  140. Have we signed Ciprian Marica yet?
  141. This popped up on youtube recommendations
  142. We're getting to the business end of the season. Away games at Liverpool and Stoke within a few days
  143. What a huge pleasure it's been this season to watch the squirming and discomfort at United.
  144. Good to know that our elected representatives will be dealing with the important issues. Roll eyes
  145. When we lose tonight will our panic buy spree begin?
  146. So MPs are to debate choosing an anthem for English sports teams.
  147. Our man Kroenke is about to shell out 2.7bn USD on a new stadium. How long until
  148. I wish to purchase a Satnav. I was ripped off on ebay and sent a pile of
  149. Stuck on the Strand at 11.30 last night, knackered, freezing cold, desperate to get home. I ping for
  150. Looks like poor Gary wasn't keeping up Oh well
  151. I read somewhere that Joel's contract expires at the end of this season...is that true?
  152. welcome, los angeles rams! does this mean kroenke's arsenals play in inglewood? yes. yes it does.
  153. Not quite a joke about David Bowie but f**king hell LOL hehe
  154. Rumour on the internet that David Bowie has faked his own death.
  155. Jaffa cakes
  156. "You..You, too. Fat man there"
  157. Thank God for Sriracha.
  158. Sir Chesney working his magic?
  159. Sir C - BA and their A380 or Virgin Atlantic with their 787-9?
  160. We're going to need some powerful juju on our side tonight, so here it is.
  161. I think this is the most ridiculous Bowie-related article I've read so far hehe
  162. Who is actually missing for Liverpool tonight? Seems that everyone seems to be
  163. Teams?
  164. Spoiler:
  165. Pathetic. Why did Hector try to dribble past 3 on the edge of the box?
  166. how many times have we given the ball away? they look f**king terrified
  167. Oooh. Brilliant from both Joel and Rambo. Young JC's making a starting place his own, imo.
  168. GET IN!!!!!! HAVE THAT YOU SCOUSE c**tS!!!
  169. **** defending there. Theo also at fault.
  170. FFS. How many ricochets there before he got the shot off?
  171. I don't f**king believe it. Joke.
  172. Joel Campbell just played Liverpool through twice in about 2 seconds. The second time he paid for
  173. Ramsey and Flamini as a pair seem to struggle with the pressing. Same **** happened against
  174. HAHAHAHAHA. c**tSSSS!!!!!
  175. f**king mental game hehe
  176. f**k SAKE.
  177. How did he miss, ffs? Great work from Joel again.
  178. Ace. Did Olly get a touch? Was it with foot or head? Really poor stream.
  179. Campbell is f**king Pele!
  180. Is Per playing like a c**t again ?
  181. Streams ? Mine's gone phut.
  182. get in
  183. The most critical point for us will be determined by AW's choices of subs.
  184. chelsea 2-2 with WBA
  185. city everton 0-0 FT
  186. Need to make some changes. Looks like there's a few tired legs out there.
  187. We won't win this and don't deserve to. Not fighting enough
  188. What minute are Liverpool going to score in. It's coming imo.
  189. LOOOOOOOL spurs 1-0 down
  190. Typical. Mertesacker f**king watched that all the way onto Allen's foot.
  191. FFS !!!!!!!!!!!
  192. Jesus wept! Bang head
  193. I think Checks been a c**t for all 3 goals there
  194. How many will wind up with pneumonia after this match?
  195. Soddin *******s... Set for a perfect night there headwand
  196. That was a performance of character. Could have easily folded and been thrashed
  197. Joe f**king Allen, if you don't mind.
  198. You cannot concede the midfield yo your opponent like that and not expect them to score. Atrocious
  199. I'd have taken a draw at 2-1 down but two points dropped there. But we took control of a game which
  200. Fair result - but please keep action man hair Arteta away from the squad...
  201. When Alexis is fit, Joel should keep his spot on the right ahead of Feo and Ox imo.....
  202. As soon as I saw Arteta I knew we will concede
  203. I hold my hands up we might actually
  204. What happened to the great Liverpool injury crisis? Klopp's into kidology isn't he?
  205. I think he should have left in the summer, maybe even the previous summer but how exactly is Arteta
  206. Ramsey's a strange one, he's brilliant but he's too much of a volatile element for central midfield
  207. SFC vs SFC poll, at least for when Alexis is fit again
  208. This has no right to be as good as it is
  209. Should I nip out into the frigid cold and buy a powerball ticket or turn my nose up at
  210. That was a poor performance from Cech tonight, should snap up Butland before anyone else
  211. ****spud Today's high point. f**king Leicester look as if they could go the distance
  212. Mohamed Elneny: Arsenal confirm signing from Basel
  213. Might those awimbers who think Giroud's crap explain their thesis on tonight's showing? Thanks!
  214. "South Africa Suffer de Kock Blow."
  215. Stan Kroenke is bringing the Rams to L.A. is Arsenal next?
  216. It was a long drive to Anfield yesterday; it was freezing cold, we were
  217. Good point last night imo
  218. Our next 2 games away at Stoke and home against Chelsea Rub chin 4 points minimum
  219. Elgar still proving an enigma, I see.
  220. Dane Vilas has arrived at the ground! #sundayleague
  221. I think it would be a good idea for Monty91 to hurl himself from a tall building.
  222. This Klopp fella is getting on me titties now. His triumphal dash down the touchline with
  223. Last night could have been much worse if Sturridge had been fit
  224. I have absolutely no idea whether, on balance, to be happy with yesterday Shrug
  225. By the way. Thought Monreal was very good again last night considering he was trying to mark three
  226. Nicely said Geoffrey.......Murali threw every ball
  227. We've got a youth player called Marc Bola Bow
  228. Good afternoon you benders
  229. I am so f**king bored. I am trying to find better routes for driving from Palmers Green to Angel
  230. New signing Clound Nine
  231. Real Madrid and Athletico banned from transfers for next 2 windows
  232. They give birth astride of a grave. The lights gleams an instant, then it's night once more.
  233. strong from kroenke. saint louis fvcking sucks, we're moving to la.
  234. I'm still bloody cross about last night, you know? furious
  235. I feel for Cech - he's never had a season where he's let in 3, 5, 4, 3 goals (and more to come). The
  236. Those saffa cvnts are going to creep up to 300 tomorrow and we'll stage a pitiful collapse. Would
  237. In any case, a point at Anfield is never to be frowned at. I guess I'm still a bit irked because
  238. How good is this Elneny chap and what position does he play?
  239. Has anyone else seen that remarkable kangaroo pieta picture?
  240. OK you piss takers this one works.
  241. Now Alan Rickman has succumbed to cancer Frown
  242. So has anyone started the whip neney song yet?!
  243. Elneny looks like another Sanchez. Check the videos.
  244. AW claims Elneny "nearly as good as Silvestre".
  245. "Espinoza is the owl who flies among falcons." Smile
  246. Oi! BostonBrian
  247. Would it be wrong to say that Joel Campbell is a little bit like
  248. But seriously folks here's the answer to the Elneny question.
  249. Did Ramsey kill Lemmy along with Bowie and Alan Rickman?..I can't remember if he scored over
  250. Has anyone seen much of our new signing ?