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  1. Starting to think Man U have been properly bantered off with ****housery over De Gea
  2. Kind of annoyed about Virgil van Dijk
  3. Good rant against Banksy from Brendan O'Neill imo >>>
  4. He's actually not going to sign anyone , is he ? hehe
  5. hehe Had one of those Indian scam calls claiming to be from Microsoft and my PC was being hacked..
  6. Not even a Kallstrom type player with a spinal injury? jesus Frown
  7. hehe Like some mothers, we really do 'ave some.
  8. Have we sold Flamini yet?
  9. Getting bantered off b Heathrow airport in Twitter Cry
  10. Always stood up for Wenger BUT the manager should not spend the final day of the transfer window -
  11. 1 hour and 45 mins remain. Still no new signing. Surely there will be something? Surely?!
  12. Ibra
  15. Seeing as he's (seemingly) staying, what are Joel's chances of breaking into the first team?
  16. Zlatan earns 290k a week. And he's nearly 34. Good signing?
  18. Arsenal motto changing from victoria concordia crescit to erogare inde aliquid stupri pecuniam.
  20. Were we to sign Zlatty for a year or two, we could do with a young Titi to bed in like with Davor.
  21. 😎 10 minutes chaps 😎
  22. Does anyone outside this forum know of the Zlatan rumour? Hasn't even been mentioned on Sky.
  23. Let me know when I can officially confirm
  24. Woman pleads guilty to posting revenge porn photos of girlfriend
  25. and now a week of International football to look forward to Smile
  26. The new financially competitive Arsenal is looking suspiciously like the old financially
  27. so....
  28. Dont let Rich near any sharp medical equipment for the next few hours please
  29. That's it. An honourable third or fourth place finish ahead of us.
  30. Now that all this nonesense has ended....we never needed to sign someone!!
  31. Can the Ox be our new striker, Wenger not sure where to play him...
  32. vote for august's player of the month. top story at arse.com.
  33. Assume hypothetically that AW would have spunked 50 mil on a striker were one available. Would that
  34. ITK Nod Gene Hackman is a free agent and has been training with the team
  35. We're going to bring the Berbs in on a free aren't we? Clound Nine
  36. I think it's disgusting we haven't bought anyone. We have a good team but not good enough. Clearly.
  37. Shall we have a sweepstake of who here is going to have the best meltdown?
  38. Arsenal needs Usmanov.
  39. I won't completely give up hope until 8 pm, which is the paperwork deadline.
  40. How do we know if AW would buy anyone who would make a dramatic difference to the team? Ozil was
  41. Wenger has admitted FFP is over and we can't compete. So... we need Usmanov.
  42. Only club in the top 5 leagues to not sign an outfield player Clap
  43. Is it strange that I feel immensely proud of Arsene's frugality in the face of today's footballistic
  44. Can we still get anybody online Ibrahimovich maybe? Or am I clutching straws
  45. Maybe we needed to loose 8-2 to get some new faces in? Shows Wenger is a clown
  46. Talking about jokes Kalstrom springs to mind , why not try Henry again
  47. Adebayor refused to leave Tottenham Hotspur because he needed a sign from God hehe
  48. So I'm going to Amsterdam for the first time ever in January for a long weekend. I am going with the
  49. In answer to the below I have never booed Arsenal, not even when they play Palace.
  50. I hope we get stuck in early against Stoke, otherwise the boo-boys and spend-some-f**king-money mob
  51. deafening silence on arse.com
  52. Did Rich end up having a breakdown last night?
  53. Poor Walcott.... no matter what sport he can't hit the target.
  54. here's what's going to happen: we're going to lose to the host of pretty damn tough teams that're
  55. Y'know what? I f**kin love AW. He's just this wonderful grown-up in this world of idiot children
  56. Picture of tonight's Wenger Out! protest.
  57. Last time we signed only a GK in the summer. We went unbeaten in the league Clound Nine
  58. I don't think Arsenal intended to sign anyone other than Cech. The club went along with all the
  59. I want Arsene as manager with a board and chairman that are aggressively involved in bringing more
  60. The best signing we could make
  61. In answer to below. I want the club to be run as a football club, not a computer game or a business.
  62. Because, you moron, the sodding site won't allow me to. Go fix it.
  63. Payton is a c**t. We should have made a signing so we don't hae to see his fat face if nothing else.
  64. Rich - you're going to Amsterdam and you don't smoke?
  65. Are we really going to have to put up with people moaning about us not signing anyone all day?
  66. you went on a ***** ?!
  67. So Tim "The Tits" Payton has used the AST to call for a "Transfer Inquiry"
  68. Oi, Rich
  69. Danny Murphy is a thick c**t
  70. TravelWIMB. Mrs 40th next yr, need suggestions for a city break
  71. Meanwhile, over on Facebook...
  72. Fear the Walking Dead
  73. For those who missed it - Gabriel auditions for Sri Lankan bowling attack.
  74. Okay, I will not sit here and take this abuse. I am open to invite members, to an open forum to
  75. It does help if you read this tweet in the voice of Unlce Monty from Withnail & I
  76. She sounds nice Oh well
  77. I just seen that some of the hotels in Vienna still have smoking areas Clound Nine
  78. Im glad Arsene didnt waste our transfer budget this summer
  79. Computer/Phone wimb and Twitter headwand
  80. Odds on any of this playing in a first them game for us?
  81. You know, it could be worse, look at this lot
  82. I hope Welbeck returns soon and is able to get a good run of games.
  83. Nice to see the 7 o'clock protest on Monday evening had nobody turn up
  84. Playing chess with Gunnersaurus Clap
  85. Wellbeck
  86. Dear The World: Actually, no, the fact that there are pictures of a dead toddler makes f**k all
  87. Was there an Arsenal player during the 60's or 70's called Bryson?
  88. So this transgender student chap in the US has been legally granted the right to use
  89. Looks like Eva and "Jose" have made up.
  90. I still don’t understand how anyone can think we desperately need any outfield signings other than a
  91. I can't see how our squad is supposed to be stronger than last season's.
  92. hotmailformatting****houseryWimb: Whenever I send an email in homail,
  93. Apparently our stadium is boring looking, as opposed to hideous?
  94. I am so sorry I didnt introduce myself. How rude ...
  95. Austraya have won this. Bantering England off all over the park with ****housery.
  96. sw, you're a genius Bow
  97. What do we think of this Minecraft billionaire chap who is desperately unhappy with his fortune
  98. Slightly embarrassing goal of the month contest on arse.com.
  99. I just made a very inappropriate and possibly ill-judged joke. Frown
  100. The new ads we've got are f**king weird. I don't understand the target here:
  101. Apologies for my earlier introduction. I wasnt entirely honest.
  102. Rashid Bow
  103. I notice that News Now now requires you to register if you wish to hide more than 10 publications.
  104. Ooof! The Hungarian fella's just come right out and said it
  105. Can you shut up about bloody Muslims
  106. Guys Im reading that Danny Welbeck should be back by Christmas so not so bad after all
  107. According t'tinternet, a large mixed kebab contains 770 calories.
  108. You couldn't make it up: there's an Estonian team called Eston Villa!
  109. jorge you git putting me on twitter...my cycle ride for motor neurone tweet didnt go down well imo
  110. f**k me wales f**king ****e ramsey you twunt
  111. A little bit of my faith in mankind has been restored.
  112. come on Iceland
  113. I am making a curry but my chicken is going rubbery what am I doing wrong.
  114. are you watching nic ? we Driving to paris
  115. Physio Room's 'Most Injured XI' Great mench for the Arsenal lads
  116. wd the plucky scot
  117. hehe Can't believe they've held back the couple's name until paragraph six hehe
  118. Welbeck has knee surgery, out for months...
  119. Clap
  120. Watched this incredible come back last night. I forgot what year this happened.
  121. RIP Sqn-Ldr Ian Hewitt : His Halifax bomber is on display at RAF Museum Hendon...
  122. A f**king wasp stanged me last night while I was out running. I did nothing wrong. I was just
  123. They are either dead, racists or now murderers Frown
  124. Ok, I'm starting to side with Claude and Rich now. Once again, pissing about for over 3 months
  125. Guys what time do you all do that thing where you say what you are having for lunch?
  126. Anyone listen to yesterday's pod? B. Glendenning with a staunch defence of Arsene, wd b imo.
  127. So, is everyone comfortsble with the knowledge that the club lied to us over wellbeck?
  128. wd Keef.
  129. Guys Im going with Pert so remember it was me Rupert
  130. Decent, non-hysterical article on the Migrugee problem.
  131. KillingThingsWIMB: What's the worst bit of murdering you've had to do?
  132. Guys where is the discussion around what you are all having for lunch?
  133. the trick, it seems to me, to genuinely to give people false hope. by no means easy.
  134. Wenger - You genius! Wellbeck is going the be the "like a new signing" for the Jan transfer window..
  135. Can we talk about Joel Campbell?
  136. Welcome to the end of western civilisation and the Islamist Millennium!
  137. Has anybody seen Straight Outa Compton?
  138. Yep. Paving the way.
  139. One of the last, of a dying breed.
  140. The only one I know...
  141. Guys what are you all up to this evening?
  142. Music Darlin Music
  143. I've done my time (Tony C )
  144. Man about the house
  145. eastgermanautos - I've come up with a mash-up movie idea: Transferminator
  146. Best cartoon villains?
  147. Who is Pert? I think we should be told.
  148. Guys Im thinking of changing my handle to something hip like Rups, Rupee or Rupsta
  149. You're a reeeeet c**t '71
  150. Like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood.
  151. Can we talk about Tom Brady and how wonderful he is?
  152. The consciences of the West are drunk in the pubs whilst welcoming the pubs' Nemeses.
  153. Music Street Dance Music
  154. Lou Christie - Music Lightnin' Strikes Music
  155. Music Grocer Jack Music
  156. This c**t must be on Wengers payroll...
  157. Trom Brady. wow. wot a boy
  158. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees
  159. Super how the cheat Nadal is finally going off into the sunset.
  160. Morning Guys its a shame there is no Arsenal match today but its the weekend yay
  161. Arsehole Aussies
  162. Guys just seen the England starting lineup
  163. Guys, Walcott just scored with his first touch after just a few seconds being on the pitch
  164. The Roonster goes level with Bobby Charlton. I bet the old c**t is
  165. I want to do my bit for the refugee crisis. How does one go about
  166. An elderly man's fantasy.... being raped by Serena Williams.
  167. Rooney in the ITV studio. :fullkit****er:
  168. As a proud Brit I would like to highlight Johanna Konta's win today.
  169. England qualify. Name on trophy imo
  170. The Specials Bow
  171. Swampy, Bansky, c**tsy.
  172. Rosberg Wave
  173. Van Persie Wave Poor lamb isn't going to flaunt his talents at a major championship again.
  174. Morning Guys whats everyone up to on this happy lovely Sunday?
  175. I thought Wales were meant to be good these days?
  176. All right, this much. fast and furious 6 is effing great. lotta hot chicks.
  177. Guys my modem stopped working today so was unable to get involved in any banter
  178. I watched the Italy game yesterday, I should have known better.
  179. Berba's signed for the greek Newcastle
  180. Favourite Lionel Richie song?
  181. Moviereviewimb. The Boat That Rocked.
  182. Has anybody cut up a memory foam mattress?
  183. Woy thinks #welbz will be out for "more like six months"
  184. That story about Jimmy Greaves yesterday made me sad.
  185. The Charlie Nicholas interview on Graham Hunter's podcast is ace
  186. Is la about? Only my missus if flying to Munchen today and I was just wondering if the place was
  187. I am starting to think Donald Trump is an elaborate art project
  188. Dragon Den chap should've pulled "out" of this enterprise hehe Tits up
  189. Who knew, John Lukic's real name was "Jovan"
  190. What's all this about #Welbz? Hodgson must be talking through his hat surely.
  191. The Faces reunited
  192. Hi guys does anybody know where I can get a cheap reliable Modem ?
  193. On Saturday night, I became inebriated. Last cricket match of the season, real ale festival.
  194. So with the wife away, the question arises of what to have for dinner.
  195. Having lived in deepest Baden for a couple of years, I find it hard to reconcile these images
  196. I've just seen that Ian Wright piece in the Guardian :swoon:
  197. Guys Ive been looking around on the internet, mainly amazon and ebay for a new modulator-demodulator
  198. Oh Scotland. So brave, so unlucky
  199. Ive drafted a poem guys in honour of our Syrian families running for their lives
  200. Guys I do think Cameron has let everyone down with the small offer of asylum seekers to Britain
  201. I've read that there have been attcks on Muslims in the UK. I understand but not against the women.
  202. very impressed with american sniper. great combat scenes.
  203. If you had to have sex with one male Awimber, who would you choose and why?
  204. I see someone has deleted Bunnell's masterpiece. Awimb is a better place again now.
  205. This place almost looks like the old Awimb Clound Nine Controversy on the nightshift.
  206. In other news, looks like we'll need a new centre back in January Frown
  207. Morning guys some good news I have secured a job interview so getting ready
  208. I was forced to switch off University Challenge last night due to the appearance of this ****.
  209. Well, I suppose it's what he wouldve wanted
  210. 'If I ruled the world, I'd love all the girls' ..Well no Kurtis you wouldn't now would you?
  211. Anyone bothered that we just droned the f**k out of a couple of Allan Akhbars in Syria who happen to
  212. Family 'proud' of University Challenge leather vest contestant
  213. 'Refugee crisis: Germany says it could take 500,000 people a year'
  214. Who is attack my country? 4 explosion now
  215. AWIMB...... Getting racist by the day
  216. Andy Murray - Still Scottish! Wave
  217. Ooooooooh get me
  218. How the hell did my awesome rap about the refugee crisis get deleted? >>>
  219. Listened to the latest Graham Hunter interview yesterday with Chris Waddle
  220. hehe A list of what Africa has given the world that manages to suggest that the truth is
  221. I don't believe I have ever met a Syrian before.
  222. Ok Trixie you forced my hand. I'm sending for all you hating on my bars. Listen >>>
  223. Pat was right its like old times on here..wd awimb:cloud9:
  224. Talking of racists, I'm struggling to work this one out.
  225. hehe Now people are cross because IDS has dared to describe non-disabled people as 'normal'
  226. This whole refugee thing is really bringing the racist cocknokers out the woodpile imo
  227. I watched Mezut play last night for his national side.
  228. Was Behrani wrong about his age when he left, or the reasons for leaving Yugoslavia?
  229. Queen's vagina?
  230. Sir C!
  231. Psst! Jorge > > >
  232. Can't go out and gorge until I've helped my son with his Latin homework
  233. Football League Emergency Transfer Window about to open Clound Nine
  234. Anyway, if you leave a country because you know it is vulnerable to political unrest and
  235. I hope the Ox comes through this Swiss match unscathed.BTW who is the Dr Evil guy on England's team?
  236. Very good phase of the game for England.
  237. Wonderful dive.
  238. Where is that c**t Djourou? Is he not even good enough to play for their shambolic national side?
  239. He's got more hair than when he scored his 40th
  240. Hi guys my job interview was a disaster im afraid and my confidence is at an all time low
  241. God love them, our vulgar Russki friends really don't f**k about, do they?
  242. Ian Wright is pretending to be clever in his clever glasses
  243. I wonder what the percentage of all the refugees we are seeing are ISIS members.
  244. hehe Woman discovers 'boyfriend' of two years is woman when she removes blindfold during sex
  245. My word. Lisbon Airport has a KFC No gravy though from what I can see
  246. Tough day to be a republican, it's a proper Royal stroke job
  247. Schonefeld has to be the most ridiculous white elephant of an airport anywhere in western europe.
  248. Guys what time can we post what we are having for lunch? Is it ok now?
  249. Berni, what did you decide on for dinner the other night?