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  1. I'm gonna watch Coutryfile to try and calm down Irradiated Watson
  2. :L:
  3. Are people actually still paying to go and watch Arselol?
  4. Wenger: “It’s difficult to explain how we lost the lead.”
  5. Just like Liverpool we are in transition...next season we will be worse. Ramseys form
  6. I agree with all of this >>>>>> #Arsenal
  7. Touchdown!
  8. David James bankrupt? Yikes
  9. At this rate...Sanchez is gonna put in a transfer request...
  10. Bye Arsenal bye Sky sports 1,2,3,4 and 5
  11. Wenger : We got the right balance between attacking and defending Indifferent
  12. Look at this **** hehe 7 players in Swanseas half after going 1 nil up Read it
  13. The Welbeck/Alexis pairing gives some cause for optimism. Until Giroud comes back and wrecks it
  14. Just seen that Hamilton came in 2nd
  15. I am giving the NFL a go.
  16. And of course we are first on MOTD 2. Bang head
  17. Music One Nil to the Arsenal Music
  18. The old drunk oirishman tommy smyth supports the sacking of Wenger. Believes he's lost the team.
  19. ITS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU!! Claude blowing a fuse Clap
  20. At least Sanogo is still hugely entertaining. Absolutely anything could happen
  21. He's like a failthful old dog...
  22. Well , wenger did say at the press conference no matter what the score we will play the same way ...
  23. our squad is ridiculously unbalanced
  24. As i have posted many time before , Jenks is a far better full back then Chambers
  25. Call yourselves Arsenal fans?
  26. Is Diaby actually injured again? He could be the answer to our woeful lack of any strength in front
  27. Wonder what the AKB propaganda will be?
  28. Tis soon to be the moment of the snobs who incessantly talk about
  29. What's this *******s?
  30. It's rare that I go to a rugby match these days; probably once in two years or so.
  31. wd the Tower of London Poppies yesterday, was a moving experience
  32. Battle lines drawn then.....Wenger Ins vs Wenger Outs
  33. Everything is going to be fine. We've signed Brooklyn Beckham
  34. Judge It's not acceptable!
  35. Judge The whole thing is a mess!
  36. Judge Complete and udder rubbish!
  37. Normal gloating rights over spurs have been temporarily suspended
  38. Wd this scouser's grandad imo.
  39. I've not seen him play but just how much of a prospect is Hayden, if AW still prefers to
  40. Are we going to have a protest soon? Or maybe a march? Shall we loot Piebury Corner for craft ales?
  41. Never mind the Fan TV troglodytes. Arsene has now been bantered off twice in a week
  42. BUFFETWimb. Are there actually any decent ones?
  43. Is AWIMB outdated now?
  44. Most annoying thing about yesterday was
  45. So. Going to Finland later this month. Evening naturally involves a traditional Finnish sauna.
  46. Now I know that this ArsenalFanTV thing attracts only the most idiotic, but the cretin in the clip
  47. I really have had enough what a shambles that was yesterday
  48. I investigated the wireless Sonos /. Heon wireless spoeaker thing.
  49. I did a 'roast' in the end on Friday.
  50. I thought I was used it by now but stupid Arsenal losses still f*ck up my weeked.
  51. When you were younger.
  52. Civil war for Spain, then.
  53. I take it everyone has seen Dortmund's winning yesterday
  54. I love Nolan but Interstellar was the biggest load of boring, sentimental tripe.
  55. I never much liked Paddington Bear. Never saw the appeal. Freeloading Peruvian f**ker.
  56. Oh f**king hell, Geldof's at it again Frown
  57. Porkster - your assessment of Chelsea's defensive personnel is incorrect
  58. Gay couple ordering 3 kids through surrogate mothers. Now ain't that dandy?
  59. Can someone who maintains Awimb sort out the ****ty technical issues? >>>
  60. Wenger was quoted after the match yesterday as saying Sanche didn't have a good game
  61. Does anyone think Wenger can build an all conquering team again?
  62. Danny Dyer is so horny Clound Nine
  63. Lets never forget the cause of WW2 as we remember the fallen of WW1
  64. Music The Harder I Try Music
  65. HOw about a little culture, AWIMB? Mozart... fantastic performance.
  66. Noah wimb. I have just finished watching Breaking bad and have some questions.
  67. Southampton is doing great why can't we? What is their secret?
  68. f**k me, but two minutes feels like a long time sometimes.
  69. As my last post was a flop. What TV show shall I watch next?
  70. looooooooooool. I love the Merse, but surely Veng didn't beg him to stay, did He?!
  71. We used to have a player called Charlie Nicholas and he was fat
  72. The Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is getting some stick for saying that students should avoid
  73. I never liked that Cowboys and Indians game at school.
  74. Sign him up Arsene!
  75. So I haven't had a drink since Sunday evening and it's all surprisingly OK, actually.
  76. Sad to see Dapper Laughs failing to get a second series after saying someones "gagging for a rape".
  77. LOOOOOOOL poor Claude Clap
  78. Fash/Ash venn diagram intersection
  79. Pet hate no 156: interviews within music cds.
  80. Todays hero imo..Man does ‘MDMA and cocaine, steals ambulance then masturbates in police custody’
  81. Talking of mugshots, which modern day awimber is this iyo?
  82. Modric is the best CM in the world right now. Come at me bitches!
  83. Move on, nothing to see here people, none of us were nonces, honest
  84. It's remarkable that anyone still posts here, really
  85. Tyrone Mings for England Indifferent
  86. Billy can you comment on this
  87. Blackfish is on bbc4 at 9pm. For anyone who missed it first time around watch it, it's brilliant imo
  88. Gazidis Prem League CEO of the year? huh?
  89. I bought some items today and used one of these credit card machines.
  90. I've just had a great idea. Let's all not post anything. Basically all leave
  91. Brooklyn Beckham, just like his mum. Enjoying it up the arse.
  92. Is it forever now, to be the grave yard shift in here? Nothing is insurmountable in this technical
  93. I have just finished watching a TV show called Detectorists
  94. Actually, if you look underneath all the mugshot listings, the four pics below are quite odd.
  95. Happy Birthday Mr Anaconda! Lager
  96. I have a day at leisure today and have been spending my morning considering what I'd do if a burglar
  97. The press seem to have been remarkably quiet on the matter of Libyan soldiers
  98. I give you fair warning here and now, awimb. Anyone I see admitting to, or boasting of,
  99. Another thing: even the most vociferous of Wenger’s critics would not be able to say with any
  100. Over the sixteen years Arsenal have qualified for the CL
  101. And while we are at it...Santi....stay away from the cornerflag Bang head
  102. What's the second best national anthem in the world? My vote goes to Dell'elmo Di Scipio of Italy.
  103. It's always poor old AW innit. (Maybe a tad NSFW)
  104. Isn't it annoying when you feel the need for a **** but after sitting on the bog for 20 minutes nowt
  105. Really struggling with my Christmas list for Santa. I really cannot think of anything I want
  106. So apparently, Nigel Farage wants to privatise the NHS, cut workers' rights and axe BBC comedy.
  107. Warren Clarke RIP
  108. Sir Chesney...what do we make of this latest stat Rub chin
  109. Seems a bit silly that someone who actually did a rape can play fotoball, But a silly man who makes
  110. Right now a lander has separated from a shuttle and is on course to land on a comet
  111. There was a discussion earlier about what to do if a burglar broke in. Here's what you need +>
  112. See where 'education' gets you?
  113. Alright Fellas Wave
  114. Hang on. Is this the same Vivienne Westwood who was at the Anonymous protest thingy complaining
  115. Will the Oakland Raiders go 0-16?
  116. Why can't this board up anchor and move to another provider.
  117. Breakfast Beatdown at a Philly McDonald's!!
  118. Anywon done the Emirates stadium tour?
  119. Very disturbing and upsetting news
  120. Does anybody here like Kim Kardashian's big fat arse? It should be shown in Arsebook..
  121. I enjoyed an omelette for dinner this evening. 4 free rangers, stuffed with fried onion, potato,
  122. 'Scientists could not contain themselves' said BBC News reporting the comet landing...
  123. 해피 뒤늦은 생일 LA!
  124. Not one album has gone platinum this year.
  125. Awimb has lost it's stimulating edge.
  126. Clound Nine Ker-ching!
  127. B. Re: Chedwyn. Aren't you underestimating football's ability to rally
  128. There arn't many places that give good service these days, but this morning I
  129. Lucky most of you lot are plastics, Qatar is banning gayers. And booze will be restricted.
  130. f**king messageboard.
  131. Good to see Arsenal claiming Ozil would be back earlier than expected
  132. Mickey Mouse cricket, but Sharma has hit another double.
  133. Now, Amy Lawrence is not a half-bad writer and seems a decent bint too, but this
  134. I think we can all unite in our love of pictures like this, though. hehe
  135. On matters sartorial, I've finally worked out how Mesut Ozil takes his inspiration from
  136. Here's a picture taken from a comet hurtling through space which we landed a craft on Bow
  137. Diaby out for another 3 months with a torn hamstring
  138. Where are you Jorge? Sky1 7pm Simpsons Music Monreal Monreal Monreal Music
  139. With all the injuries Arsenal should be renamed The Crips.
  140. Arse.com headline: GIROUD RETURNS TO TRAINING Bow ...meanwhile...
  141. Good morning Awimb. You are all amazing. Have an A1 Day
  142. Kind of nails the whole Poppies in Football nonsense
  143. I couldn't reply below f but speaking of turntables recently and the resurgence of vinyl
  144. f**king stupid euro****s have made a right mess of this comet landing business. Useless ****ers.
  145. Arsene for another 3 years. No point moaning about it
  146. I'm sorry to have to do this but I have no choice.
  147. hehe I turned down free England tickets and they got annoyed.
  148. at last some bloke just won that 100k on heart..its a very annoying quiz on office radio
  149. What's for dinner suckers?
  150. Reading more about this Chad Evans case, it becomes pretty obvious why his co-defendant
  151. Fair play to the Jock Wobs.
  152. Is it true Arteta has been given a 1 year extension to his contract? FFS he's garbage.
  153. I'm being forced to watch/listen to............... Cry
  154. Gervinho's still got it Bow
  155. Sweaties v Paddies ...not on terrestrial? Frown
  156. Does anyone need bantering off with some ****housery?
  157. Welbz Clound Nine
  158. Techie types - I am having wi-fi issues at home, particularly in the bedroom
  159. Welbz Clound Nine
  160. Look at this raging racist
  161. Welbz will overtake Sir Bobby Charlton if he is given the games to do so.
  162. Music ...
  163. f**k me spent 100 quid on a taxi from ealing to marlow last night..no memory from main course onward
  164. Worrying.
  165. A few skint people about after those results...
  166. Welbz scores for ****ty England and you think he's a don. Fickle f**ks.
  167. Can anywon make sense of this email I got hehe
  168. Chadli off at last. What a c**t.
  169. RIP Glen A Larson Cry thank you for Battlestar Galactica, Magnum P.I. , Knight Rider Bow
  170. Bring it on Snin and all other sheep shagging *******os Fight
  171. And I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.
  172. Slaven Billic....bring back Thatcher Clap itv4
  173. Daley Blind out for 6-8 weeks hehe
  174. The steamer on our coffee machine at work makes exactly the same noise as Donald Sutherland at the
  175. I've been forcing myself to find a new TV show.
  176. So I went to see the Tower of London poppy thing the other day and to my horror, there were
  177. That's some next level banter, man goes out on the chirps dressed as Mario Balotelli
  178. Wtf is wrong with Nigel?
  179. I stopped at Waterloo on Friday for a peek at the museum.
  180. Wenger talking on FrenchTV about our line up vs Swansea.....the man is on crack imo
  181. OfficeWimb. 'He's away from his desk' Why can't we just say he's not here?
  182. What is it with people buying houses? Why do they all seem to decide they're Gordon f**king Gekko
  183. I appear to be in High Wycombe - none if you know true suffering
  184. I seem to have accidentally become a fan of Gogglebox, Awimb. I deserve castigation for this, I know
  185. Spandau Ballet
  186. What's the most impressive thing you've seen with your own eyes?
  187. Mike Dean ref for Manc game - game over then.
  188. Yaya bossing the England under-21 defence.
  189. I watched the England match the other day and was surprised to see Jack got man match
  190. The great thing about Arsene Wenger is you'll never catch him resorting to tired stereotypes
  191. "Is nice!" First McDonalds opens in Kazakhstan.
  192. Does anybody here have a online business or any side gimmicks for additional
  193. Dear Hamas. Your attempts to sell your softer, 'we're a legitimate ruling party' side are somewhat
  194. When i read they were bringing out another cover of the Band Aid song i didn't realise it had
  195. I've finished the wonderful True Detective and the next series is going to have
  196. Wow, a footballer more fragile than Diaby
  197. Let's write our own Awimb Christmas song Hide We can all feature.
  198. Songs you hate. Oh Pretty Woman
  199. I see Berni mentions of True Detective. Is there anyone who didn't fall for it? Jorge wouldn't, of
  200. I wish Gareth Malone could do something other than choirs. I'm a bit bored with choirs,
  201. No mention of the tour de force that is.. Ray Donovan Shake head
  202. You don't hear much about ALS these days, do you
  203. Do you all still go to the WB before games?... Aint been up there since old Tel popped his
  204. I ended up watching The Wild Geese the other night.
  205. Poor Ainsley
  206. Lord have mercy and be still my beating heart. Look at her fellas and imagine, just
  207. an In-Law just asked if it was safe to come to St. Louis for Thanksgiving
  208. This makes me think of when someone conjured the image of Nicosia
  209. Seals f**king penguins.
  210. Since the Scottish became English - who gives a ****? - anyone
  211. The Scottish fans are a disgrace. Her Majesty should send General Wade to sort them out.
  212. Today I too was bantered off with ****housery.
  213. Got ******* runninig on explorer but still got the ****ty banners blocking large proportion on left
  214. This site so sucks now. :(
  215. "Made in Arsenal"
  216. Southampton have got more right to use the Academy monicker than West Ham do imo
  217. Welbz injured. Here we go...
  218. So that's Giroud starting vs United :( poor Wellbz
  219. Welbeck to be fit this Saturday........... please.
  220. Limpy Ox, limpy Welbz Frown
  221. Suck on that Awimb sweaties vsign
  222. gogglebox hehe
  223. evenin asmerican c**ts Wave
  224. 0ne horse town Love
  225. Awooga
  226. I rather enjoyed that match last night. Best England game I've seen in years
  227. I watched the Band Aid video last night. And not to be overly critical
  228. Pat, can you ask Fash if he's seen this? #gamechanger
  229. Why are the gentlemen of the press so very excited that England supporters sang nasty songs about
  230. So pubs not tied to buy beer from landlord/brewery now..good or bad ? I assume Sir C and B say bad
  231. Has Alf been on this chatline recently?
  232. What's the longest you've gone* without getting an erection?
  233. Awimb Mysteries? Why does Neg have an obsession of injuries and sports folks taking drugs.
  234. hehe Proper Manc accent here..
  235. Can't believe we have Wenger n missed Malky...racist, sexist, homophobe & anti-Semite..Bow if he
  236. Clap Quick thinking by my northern brethren averted a potential incident
  237. Old Skool Poll: I feel like utter ****e (self inflicted) and as a result didn't go to work today
  238. if you don't wish to give out the wrong signals it's best probably to keep your knickers on and not
  239. Just seen a Spurs poster on the Tube that advertised the opportunity to meet Santa in the tunnel
  240. RIP Red Buses. The Routemasters are now covered in head-to-toe adverts Frown Boris Out*
  241. Berni, you have - I can only assume wilfully - entirely missed my point
  242. Anyhow, who's feeling christmassy? Clound Nine Cheer up everyone, Santa's coming soon!
  243. Rumours on twitter about Steve Bould leaving. Big chance for Mickey Pearce imo
  244. Amazingly, Man Utd's injury list makes ours look good
  245. BBC Sport's League table if only English goalscorers counted Clound Nine
  246. I am learning all sorts of unusual Italian ritiuals.
  247. UnderpantWIMB: Yesterday, I woke up early, rummaged in my pants drawer in the dark and put on the
  248. I’m excited about Saturday’s game. Great chance to achieve a ‘big’ result and start pushing on after
  249. The adverts on here are lame. Who wants to go bungee jumping FFS
  250. Le Big Man Upfront is back Clound Nine